Do you think tire cleaning has to do with its appearance only? Not really. In fact, it’s one of the significant preventive steps that must be taken to maintain the health of your car tires. One of the most common problems that people come across is brown tires. It might occur due to caustic degreasers that are used for cleaning or perhaps lack of tire protectant. The car tires have rubber conditioners, UV absorbers and antiozonants in them that help in retaining the tire’s flexibility.  

If you use the wrong cleaning, this will lead to leakage of these essential elements. Then it’ll lead to discoloration & cracking. If you are not taking care of the tire properly, the rubber compound will not only get damaged but break down as well resulting into dry rot. Since you’re heading on for the car wash, it’s imperative to wash the tires properly. This way, you’ll be able to eliminate the grime splashing into clean car panels. Make sure you use a separate bucket and brush. 

Step # 1: 

Pick the right cleaning agent for the type of wheels you have. In case you aren’t sure as to which one would be most suitable, pick the one that’s labeled as safe for all wheels but it shouldn’t leave any residue behind. It’s essential to use a product of both the tires as well as wheels. It will not only loosen the dust trapped in the tiny holes of the metal but also eradicate all the dirt from the pores of rubber. 

Step # 2: 

Make sure to pick a good brush to scrub. When it comes to tire cleaning, there’s a wide range of brushes available with a variety of bristles. Just choose the stiff brush having nylon bristles as it would do a great job in working out all the nooks and crannies of your tire. 

Step # 3: 

Now it’s time for the cleaning product to do its thing. Apply the cleaning product on tires one at a time as it will keep the product from drying. Then make sure you rinse one tire with a strong force of water before cleaning the next one. Clean one tire at a time so that when you’re done completely with one tire, you can head on for another. 

Step # 4: 

Once you’re done with cleaning all four tires, it’s time to dry them all out. For drying, you can use the microfiber detailing towels. If not this, you can try using the terry cloth towels but ensure that these towels should be used for cleaning tire only as it helps avoid scratching the paint of your car. If you dry wheels utilizing these towel thoroughly, it’ll prevent all the hidden water spots helping you get rid of any possible bits of brake dust. 

So whenever you buy the premium car tyres in uae, make sure you’ll have to wash and clean it at least once a month. It will not only ensure a smooth ride but also ensure the longer tire life.