There is no one definite answer to this, since it is a combination of strategies and tactics that work the best in case of B2B email marketing.

Even if you are already getting the basics right such as personalization, targeting the right prospects at the right time and so on, there is always some room for value addition; especially so in such high-value B2B marketing and sales activity!

Email marketing has immense potential, more than one can imagine. It is all about adding more value each time with an innovative approach.

Let us take a look at some strategies that can make your B2B email marketing efforts payoff:

Respond within a day:

It goes without saying that response is paramount for any B2B sales and marketing campaigns to succeed. When you see that your e-mailer has created interest in the minds of your prospect, this is the time to make the most out of this golden opportunity. Being at the top of your prospect’s mind is one of the best opportunities to get them to convert and the best way to do it is to respond instantly, and within the first 24 hours. These 24 hours after your prospect receives your e-mailer are critical and are also capable of deciding the fate and the rate of conversions. This is the time to reach out quickly and wisely with a response strategy that can keep the prospect engaged.

Also, an automated B2B email marketing campaign can come to your rescue in such situations. It can augment the lead and convert it in the given time frame.

Consider email marketing for a real person:

An e-mailer sent by a person and not by an organization becomes more effective. This personalization builds trust and makes your B2B e-mailer look more authentic than the one sent by a company name. It is a human-to-human connection that results in better responses. So email marketing campaigns designed for people in the organization become more successful.

Call-to action:

If you don’t have a uniquely positioned call-to-action in your e-mailer or if you do not hold call-to-action as an important part of your email marketing strategy, you might lose your prospect and unintentionally drive him away. Call-to action is so vital that one can safely say that all your efforts in designing email marketing rests upon an intelligently and uniquely placed call-to-action button. When readers choose to ignore your copy in the e-mailer, it is the call-to-action that can come to your rescue. A CTA button that cannot be missed can determine the success of your email campaign at times.


So here’s the thing about email marketing: creating workable email marketing strategies is an investment in itself. If you combine various different strategies to optimize your B2B email marketing campaigns, it will almost always result in success. It is not always the bigger picture that is important, but the finer nuances in an email marketing campaign that matters the most for many B2B companies.