The London city, which is the capital and the home for the English monarchy for a long time and had been the center for most of the economic and other important activities for England as well as the United Kindom. London has attracted a lot of students all around the world for its ability to provide the world with some of the greatest ideas and inventions that the worked could ever get, come from the roots of London, England. The alumni who came from these astonishing and well-equipped in education and research universities have provided the world with some of the greatest writers, poets, scientists, mathematicians, and the list goes on.

Places to live

There are a lot of places to choose from when a student wants to live in London, and London has most of the food and other necessities store around these places which often helps the student to save their time as well as the quiet environment which can help them to study composedly.

student accommodation london offers a huge variety in places with the availability of different price ranges for which any student can be easily comfortable be. Depending on the location from some of the famous landmarks these student accommodations can cost from 150 pounds to 600 or even 700 pounds.

Place to live

Places to visit

London has some of the historical infrastructure which is always a delight to watch and can be often a wonderful activity for people to go through. People always love to gather around the events like matches in the fancy bars and place wagers on it. Drinking is very common here and people love to drink as much as can when there are special occasions. Iq shoreditch london provides the best way for the students coming from abroad to find the right and affordable accommodation for them.

Place to Visit


The people of London always engage in activities to entertain them as well as keep themselves fit and healthy. People from around the globe often visit to play and participate in these events themselves. There are enormous studios and theatres in London where students can find their inspiration if they are interested in writing. There are a lot of sports field and sports club in London which often is the reason why people in London often tends to stay fit and healthy. The big ben and the palace are the best places to visit and breathe in London’sn life.