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summer care tips

With the start of summers, people come across plenty of skin conditions. The good acne and pimple free days come to an end. Men and women get in their ‘worrying about skin’ phases. For this reason, it is necessary to find the best skincare tips before the warm season strikes. Most probably, oily skin gets annoying during summer.

There are plenty of remedies that you can try to take care of oily skin in summer. Your overall skin may require special attention at times. By focusing on your oily skin more, you will prevent quick aging. Also, this type of skin is safe from fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, try to maintain it in summers and keep shining throughout the season.

Take Care of Oily Skin in Summer

No one likes to skip beaches and exclude all the summer excitement from their lives. Therefore, you must prevent your skin from getting greasy in a warm climate and get the most of this season.

Clay Facial Cleanser

Prefer a clay facial cleanser regularly in your summer beauty regimen. It will help in extracting the excess amount of sebum from your oily skin in summer and also prevent the growth of impurities without resulting in dry skin. You can use Fuller’s Earth clay also. Mix it with water and quickly prepare a paste to apply on your face, neck, and hands. Wash it when dry.

Blotting Sheets

Try to use more blotting sheets during summer days for oily skin. It helps in preventing your skin from getting greasy throughout the day. You can use it to extract excess oil on your face and neck quickly. Also, medicated pads are preferable for removing sebum off your face. It will also help in aiding against acne breakouts and pimples. Use online discount offers from a beauty store and find medicated pads or blogging sheets.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate your skin more in the warm climate. It quickly removes all the dead skin cells and blackheads to keep you away from dirt and grime buildup. Use facial scrubs for clogging your skin pores that store natural oil. Exfoliating twice a week will take away the skin irritation and keep it hydrated. Make sure not to scrub your skin more than three times a week.

Natural Facemasks

Add summer facemasks in your skincare routine. Apply sandalwood or fuller’s earth facemask weekly on your face. It will help remove excess natural oil and take away harmful bacteria off your face. A natural facemask is always better than the artificial ones as it soothes your oily skin in summer and removes all impurities without any aftereffects.

Healthy Diet

Revise your food and drink routine to make sure what you intake in summers. Prevent yourself from getting tempted by fried food. It adds extra oil to your skin and makes it more oily leading to pimples in your face. Avoid oily food and add more vitamin A to your diet. Prefer leafy greens, spinach, carrot, and similar items for your daily diet.

Homemade Skin Care Remedies

Aside from following skincare tips daily, prefer using homemade facemasks to help fight oily skin in summer.

Peppermint Leaves Toner

Prepare a peppermint toner by using peppermint leaves. It is an excellent solution for fighting against pimples, acne, sunburn, and itching. Boil a handful of peppermint leaves in water and let it dry. Strain the liquid and use it to shrink open pores on your oily skin in summer. Prefer a cotton ball and cleanse your face with it.

Banana and Honey Mask

Blend one banana with a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey. Apply it on your face and let it dry for twenty minutes. Dip a towel on the hot water and remove the mask. Wash your face with lukewarm water and wait for results. Remember, banana helps in hydrating your skin without making it oily, and honey is a perfect solution for improving your skin glow. You may know lemon juice quickly removes excess oil from the skin.

Apple and Honey Mask

Prepare an apple and honey face pack for removing natural oil from your face without making it over dry. While honey makes your skin smooth, apple acts as a toner and cleanser for your face. Crush a seeded apple by adding three tablespoons of honey. Apply it to your face and let it dry for almost twenty minutes. Wash your face and find positive results by applying it twice a week.

Final Words

It is necessary to take care of oily skin in summer season. You will love to skip oiliness from your face without much effort. Focus on these tips and remedies to come up with the best results. Hydrated and dry skin will encourage you to make the most of this season and enjoy it.

Almost all of the ingredients you require for these facemasks are available in your refrigerator. Use them without much effort and let your skin glow in the annoying season.

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