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People often ignore the emotional turmoil that a teacher goes through while teaching, particularly teaching prep students. One cannot ignore the fact that teaching children are more difficult than teaching elders. As you have to take care of each and everything, you are not only responsible for their studies, but you are also responsible for their lunch and bathroom time as well. You are not their mother, but you are their mother; that is one way of putting it that is one huge pressure on teachers. While children are with you to study about the world life and the basics, this is mainly the time one should teach about them humility, compassion, empathy, and love for others. Our current educational system is entirely based on how to feed big numbers and complicated formulas in the mind of the students. But what about the basic things that are necessary for them to learn? Mainly the responsibility lies on the parents for it, but teachers hold some of the responsibility as well. Research says, apart from parents, the prep kids are in the huge influence of their teachers, as they believe if the teacher has said something, then this is exactly how it is. Do you realize how big of a responsibility that is on you as a teacher? I would like to use the platform of Law Assignment Help to talk about the need to bring change in the education system and focus more on the emotionality of both teachers and the children.

Teaching Emotionality

While you are teaching the boring science lecture, keep a look at all your students and be sure if everybody is up for the lesson, I understand you cannot just dismiss the whole lesion one you observe that one student is not paying attention to. But you can give just a short break and talk to him/ her? If you practice this activity, you will not only be teaching your science lessons, but you will also be teaching students about compassion and empathy. How important it is to talk to a person who you think is not okay. Children tend to learn things easily when they are young, and attributes like love, empathy, and compassion when instilled in one’s personality, they are then less likely to get over it ever. Teaching is not all about pushing students to learn academic lessons, yet this is what it is mainly, but along with that, learn to calm kids when you see them struggling with their math sum. Channel their joy when you see them happy, invest your own emotions to help them grow. Because remember, you just do not need to develop more doctors and engineers, but the world needs more sympathetic and kind-hearted people.

Power Holder

As a teacher, you have all the powers in the classroom, so instead of using it for your own advantage, be a bigger person, and use it for your children’s advantage. Because when tomorrow you will hear about their success, you will be as happy for them as you would have been for your own biological kids. Look, your students are like your own kids treat them like that. Think about how you would feel if your biological kid’s teacher mistreats him/ her? Even the thought of it gives me chills down my spine. To teach empathy and love, you will have to practice it first.

I know this is a lot of burden on your shoulder, I mean teaching academics and emotions now both are on your shoulder. And both the parents and the school system put all their expectations on the teachers who only results in their emotional labor. Teachers are always scrutinized for their activities and practices. They are automatically expected to take care of the struggles of their students personally. It must be understood, a teacher can only talk to his/ her students about their struggles, but they cannot completely solve their problems. It’s now time for the educational system to bring changes in their system and reduce some of the burdens of teachers.

Systematic Problems and Solutions

The overall responsibility of teachers’ emotional labor is entirely on the shoulders of the system. Therefore the solution for it must be systematic too. There must be a balance in the responsibility of the teacher, they must show compassion and love to the students along with their academic responsibilities, but they should not be expected to take the whole control of their students’ life. A teacher has his/ her own personal life, personal problems you cannot expect them to have their own family life at school as well. Teaching compassion and humility and talking to the students about their problems is a teacher’s responsibility, but fixing their students’’ life is not.

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Jemma Riley is a writer and teacher by profession; he is extremely passionate about writing and is currently working on his own novel as well. Apart from them, he is also associated with the Law Assignment Writing Service and is doing his best in providing help to the struggling students.

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