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Technology is growing rapidly in today’s day and age. And with that SEO and Internet Marketing companies must adapt accordingly. Apple can be considered the technology powerhouse of today’s generation. Apple is the king of smartphones at the moment with Samsung as a close follower. Smartphones are in everyone’s pockets, people use them for everything from scheduling to browsing the web. Browsing the web is the key factor that is essential to SEO especially for drawing in mobile audiences to your website.


Apple has invented the kingpin of smartphones, the iPhone with another due out later this year, the iPhone 5 with a new operating system coming shortly before, iOS6. iPads will also run on this operating system. More and more people are starting to use their tablets and smartphones to solely browse the internet. And due to this, the importance of powerful SEO has also increased substantially. When you search the internet on your smartphone using google, typically the first page of 10 results is not displayed on the whole screen. Therefore the importance of being in the top 5 results of Google also increases significantly. In order to bring in hits to your website from mobile viewers, it is essential to secure those spots for your website. 40% of hits go to the first spot in google with 20% and 10% going to the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. That leaves only 30% of hits to the rest of the search results. Those statistics are for desktop browsing as well, so the numbers will only increase in mobile browsers as people are trying to get their information as quickly as possible. They are more likely to click on the top 5 results than anything else.


Also due to the smaller screens of browsing the internet, it is important to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. It should be able to view either the same way on a mobile screen or your website should have a mobile-friendly version, a completely different website made specifically for your mobile devices. Appealing to mobile audiences is key in drawing in customers with a great user-friendly interface. If your website does not have a user-friendly mobile interface then there is no way that people browsing using a mobile smartphone or tablet will spend any time on your website.

SEO tactics need to stay ahead of the curve with the ever-advancing technology of Apple, Microsoft, and other technology leaders. Adapting is part of the game.

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