What a week we had: the first two places on our list lost while three of the last four won, so our Power Ranking suffered major changes. Let’s see how our list of the best teams in the NFL looked this week. Personally, I am really satisfied with what happened in week 13, which was cabalistic because the zigzag of the predictions to spin winning weeks against the line for the first time since week 6 was finally over, with 11 tickets charged that match the best week in what that goes of the year in bets won to have 55.79% of winners against the line and 59.69% direct. Without wasting time, here are the best ones!

  1. Baltimore Ravens

    After beating the Patriots, the Ravens tore the Bengals apart to show that there was no excess of confidence after taking undefeated New England. John Harbaugh’s team continues to be one of the top contenders in the AFC this year and this week they are the best team on our list For upon.

  2. Seattle Seahawks

    The hiring of Jadeveon Clowney was extremely positive considering the great work he did before the 49ers, and Russell Wilson showed that he can recover from irregular matches. The week off will do well after the game so hard they had in San Francisco.

  3. San Francisco 49ers

    Extremely complicated to judge the Niners after Monday’s game. The defense did a great job and they stayed very close to keeping undefeated. The only sure thing is that despite the defeat they proved to be a fairly solid set.

  4. New England Patriots

    The rest week was good for these Patriots, especially since it came just after the first defeat of the season. They are positioned 1st at the table but according to the NFL Sports Betting Bookmakers they are still not the number 1 favorites to win the season. history tells us that now is when the Pats will start playing their best football, but the calendar for the second half of the season is more complicated than the first.

  5. New Orleans Saints

    On the contrary, the week of rest came badly to the Saints, who gave their worst game of the season against Falcons who came as victims. It will be interesting to see how this team responds backwards, especially because of the surprise of the trip.

  6. Minnesota Vikings

    The improvement of Kirk Cousins ​​is directly related to the great performance that Dalvin Cook has had this season, and that is going great for the Vikings. That and the fact that his defense is giving quite good matches.

  7. Green Bay Packers

    To be honest, the Green Bay brand puts them at the height of Seahawks and Saints, but watching them play gives the impression that a couple of steps behind these two teams. The following weeks will help to locate them much better Tech mistake.

8. Houston Texans

It seems that the trip to London was not a problem for this team, so now we can only hope that his rest has served to prepare the meeting with the Ravens in an early playoff game.

The best NFL teams in 2019 from place 9 to 16 is not discussed in this post.