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A flawless smile makes you open, free and confident. How to win and get it for life? Naturally white teeth and healthy gums. We support you as a best dentist in Torrance with the methods and capabilities of aesthetic dentistry.


Harmony of function and aesthetics

A beautiful appearance and a triumphant smile are the result of a harmonious overall picture. Therefore, in our dental praxis in Torrance, we adhere to the holistic concept of aesthetic dentistry. Our goal is to restore or maintain the color and shape of the teeth as well as the position of the teeth in order to improve the natural beauty of your face. Healthy teeth, strong gums and a functioning chewing system are all you need for this.

Dentist Torrance for professional whitening

Bright and naturally white teeth are attractive; they give vitality and a sympathetic smile. However, to achieve aesthetic results and prevent damage to teeth and gums, cosmetic whitening should be carried out only after consulting with us. As an experienced dentist in Torrance we will advise you in detail and clarify the requirements for successful whitening and create an individual whitening program for you.


Your personal whitening program

Important for success: before deciding on whitening, teeth and gums must be healthy or properly provided with dental care. In the dental clinic, we draw attention to this and carries out any repair work after bleaching. Reason: crowns, bridges and tabs cannot be lightened, so we will adjust them after whitening your new tooth color. Your dentist will determine which whitening method is best for you individually in detailed consultations with you including cost planning.


Teeth whitening without worries: what you need to know about whitening?

Medical observation whitening is effective and harmless, as several studies have shown. Professional teeth whitening does not harm tooth enamel, dentin or fillings and protects the natural structure of the tooth. However, treatment may lead to temporary tooth sensitivity or slight gum irritation. Both symptoms disappear after a short time. The treatment can be repeated as often as you want – without risk to the gums and teeth. With good oral hygiene and regular professional toothbrushing by your dentist your teeth will remain white and naturally beautiful after whitening.


Home whitening: Using this method, we first take an imprint of your teeth after professional brushing. Based on this, we will produce for you an individual bleaching rod which you will receive together with a suitable whitening gel. The application is very simple: before going to bed apply the whitening gel fresh and wear the tire until the next morning. Depending on the degree of discoloration your teeth will be especially soft in one to two weeks and literally bright. We monitor progress at the whitening stage and agree with you on one or two subsequent appointments with your dentist – until the optimal result.


Whitening: In addition, we perform whitening directly in our dental practice in Torrance – for patients who cannot or do not want to wear a tire and want to get even faster results. To do this, we first cover sensitive gums with a special protective material. Then we apply whitening gel in high concentration on each individual tooth in the field of view and wash it off again 15 minutes after contact. This process is repeated until your teeth are optimally bright. The procedure lasts from one to two hours, depending on discoloration.


Cosmetic corrections with ceramic bowls:

With the help of veneers, it is now possible to fix irreversible discoloration of teeth, damage or deformation, and even incorrect positioning of teeth, in a minimally painless way. Thin plate ceramic bowls are made to a specific size and then glued to the teeth.

We take as little dental substance as possible and process only high-strength ceramic veneers of the best quality. We select the shape and color of the shells exactly to your teeth, thus providing both a functional and aesthetic result of the treatment.

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