The serene looking grass of golf is 100 times a difficult job when it comes to maintaining it. Why? Because first of all, it is a vast area to manage and secondly the turf varies. Every inch of golf course needs to be maintained; that is why it is more challenging than a soccer ground or tennis court. For that, Jacobsen golf course mowers are helping to keep the grass clean and equal.

Discover a variety of Golf course maintenance equipment

Golf mowers are big machines, designed to mow the grass of golf turn smoothly. Their job is not only to chop off the extra height from the grass but also to clean weeds and small twigs. Since the turf varies from area to area in the course, there are different types of mowers needed according to the surface. And Jacobsen is serving to provide the best golf mowers for all kinds of turf.

Walk-behind Reel Mowers

They are convenient for mowing in the small areas where it is difficult for a riding mower to reach. These mowers are durable, easy to take away and work proficiently. The best thing about Jacobsen walking mowers is that they come with the LCD menu in which you can set up the mow speed, frequency of the clips, and other customized settings according to the requirement. And it is password-protected, so only the person who runs the machine can set it up accordingly. 

Walking behind mowers work efficiently on irregular surfaces, making the turf clean and smooth for the sport.

Small Area Reel Mowers

The amazing combination of super slope capability and maneuverability is what makes the small area reel mowers a champion for tight spaces and challenging terrains. It serves great to keep the golf grass on a calculated height plus since these are rideable, the operator can efficiently work with them on shrunk grounds without having the trouble. Plus, these are light weighted and least expensive, so they are the choice of many crew workers. Along with other features, these mowers are having manual steering, vertical spikers, brushes, greens rollers, and turf groomers as well. They are designed ergonomically, so the operator couldn’t get tired while mowing.

Large Area Reel Mowers

Also known as the Fairway mowers, are the best kind of mower with a capability to chop off the grass on the desired height, making the turf smooth all around the seasons. These mowers feature a robust and high-performance diesel engine that is capable of running three to seven cutting units.

They are highly productive and amazingly light-weighted. Since these mowers are giant, they run on four wheels to crawl over the course, mowing at a quick speed. The driver seat comes in this mower is adjustable and ergonomic, providing flexibility and ease of work.

Contour Rotary Mowers

They are giant mowers that work absolutely excellent on the uneven turf, including steep slopes and higher heights with about foot cutting width. They calculate the rough and unbalanced areas and cut off the grass accordingly, maintaining the perfect grass height by their horizontal blades. That not only alters the grass but also filters twigs from the turf. Like large reel mowers, they also acquire a powerful engine and all the adjusting capabilities.

Large Area Rotary Mowers

These mowing machines are highly maneuverable, adaptable, and multipurpose. Manufactured to alter the grass with a maximum wide area with easy configuration. It is capable of mowing thick grass and producing a subtle cut striping effect on the fields with sharp blades. These mowers come in a variety of designs in accordance with the kind of turf.