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Dreams are somewhat a reflection of what we fear or aspire to be. It is our subconscious which shows us the side we are trying to ignore or at least pend it for later. Sometimes, such occurrence is not enjoyable and can be categorized as a nightmare which occurs very frequently for an average student.

If we talk about the ratio of pleasant dreams to the nightmares, the latter class is definitely in the lead. Nightmares are usually the result of poor academic performance and expand to other sectors of a particular student’s life. Furthermore, peer pressure and society expectations can also be the reason to prompt these nightmares.

Interestingly, the crux of the major students’ dreams is the same, which are discussed below:

Running Late to Class:

Most of the students often see themselves running late to their classes. This may reflect their fear or anxiety involving expectations of the academic body. They may be feeling the probability of such occurrence in real life, or their brain may be signalling at just that.

Assignment Getting Turned Down:

Students invest a lot of their time to complete their assignments flawlessly. They research, write, use free Harvard referencing generator, edit, and proofread the text to turn in their assignment help online timely. Their dream may reflect all of this hard work going to vain or may show them helpless to complete any of the processes above. The fear of scoring fewer marks can be a reason to prompt such nightmares.

Unable to Appear in Exams:

Exams are timed, and students are usually baffled to record their answers in such a limited timeframe. This may reflect in their dreams where they can see themselves struggling to pen down the answers. They can also see the time running out while they sit helplessly.

Acting like a Goof around Crush:

The probability of a crush liking back has always been minimal since forever. The fear of getting rejected or not being good enough haunts students to death. In their dreams, they may find their crush approaching them, and they may be dumbstruck by such a response. They may see themselves uttering or doing something ridiculous and, hence, being rejected by the crush.

Deteriorating Health Conditions:

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and the signs of ageing are no less than a horror story for us. If a student is too conscious about the looks, he may sometimes see himself losing hair or teeth in the dream. The fear of having a bad physical appearance may also prompt dreams involving an accident where the person can see himself handicapped or injured.

To conclude, all nightmares witnessed by students are a result of fear, and since our mind is good at reading such details, it shows exactly what we are trying to avoid. Thus, if you want to get rid of such nightmares for good, consider overcoming your deepest fears first. All the very best to you!

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