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The message after the first night together

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dating advice for guys message

dating advice for guys message

A person for one night can be a great weekend plan, but let’s be honest, since we woke up next to that person for the first time, every movement or dialogue is going to be measured and studied to the millimeter in an attempt to know if You will see each other again or not. So, ladies and gentlemen, as much as we make ourselves indifferent, the post NPC message (First Night Together), we will be waiting nervously, confirming how well it was the night before. What will let you know if he will only stay in a night of hugs, or if you have been hanging around his head on the contrary?

And why are we kidding ourselves, you are more impatient than waiting to update the bank card, but you have decided not to be the one to launch first. So from the moment he left your house you have picked up the phone, and you have not released it, because although the chances of him calling you an hour later are slim, you never know …

Suddenly you receive a notification, and your heart rate speeds up:

«Last night, I had a great time. You have a good day.”


Or first, we could say the automatic message. No loving or affectionate reference, no “kisses,” not even a smiley face emoticon (it doesn’t mean anything, but it would have taken the iron out of the matter). And is that you just received a message from the person you still keep their scent in your bed, and could well go through an email from your boss telling you about the latest report.

At that moment, you start to do a mental review of all the scenes from the night before, was something wrong? You take a look around you, and there is nothing in your room that gives you away (luckily, you remembered to hide the photo with your ex).


It is better not to venture. However, cold a message like this may seem to you after the first night, the fact that he has remembered to write to you already gives us some clues about his personality. Namely:

1. Is educated

2. If he tells you that he had a good time, it is that he had a good time. Keep in mind that the other person also does not know exactly what to expect and probably does not want to risk everything the first time. But look on the bright side: if you weren’t comfortable, I didn’t have to write to you, so the piano

3. It interests you. And he also doesn’t care that you’re up to date. Like you, he could have been waiting for the initiative to come from you. Whether it is a message you receive the next day, or during the week (you should not demand too much either), the fact of getting this message after your first meeting is a good sign.


A proposal for a second date would have been ideal (or easy). Now the ball is on your roof, so why don’t you take the initiative and propose a second match?

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