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Bentley Car

 Bentley Cars Ltd

Company Bentley Cars Ltd produces exclusively luxury cars. The most luxurious, most prestigious cars are Bentley. Bentley – a brand-legend, a brand-dream, a brand – the measure of success. If you can afford a Bentley, then you’re on top of the world. The most famous and wealthy people ride a Bentley. The price of a dream ranges from a minimum of 220 to 600 thousand dollars. At the same time, Bentley sales in the world are increasing year by year: if in 2003 about 1000 cars were sold, in 2004 – 6500, and in 2005 – already 8500. Each of the series of cars, as a rule, is produced in a limited number, orders for them exceed offer, and all cars are sold out before they are released.

The British love for high quality and respect for tradition lies at the heart of the creation of these machines. Bentley cars are a work of art, admirable as a masterpiece of engineering. And even the fact that the company is now owned by the German giant Volkswagen does not interfere with the production of cars in accordance with established English traditions, as evidenced by the latest Bentley Brooklands model, presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007.

Bentley Arnage

What distinguishes precisely Bentley from other luxury car brands – you want to lead it yourself. This is not the case when the hunt just fell apart in the back seat and let the driver drive himself. Behind the wheel of a Bentley, it’s nice to sit down yourself and feel the malleable power of the legendary motor, enjoy the dynamics and ease of control. In addition, Bentley compares favorably with many high-end cars of other companies in its restrained noble design, devoid of deliberate fopping. Bentley developers are always at the peak of their time and regularly present new models at car dealerships that amaze both with their technical characteristics and the sophistication of their design.  The automaker offers a range of cars of different styles for different customers and is constantly introducing new models, many of which are becoming collectible.

If you want a four-door, four-seat sedan which offers space, comfort and luxury plus exemplary performance, then a car from the range is certainly for you. Furthermore, the pre-owned machines from the range and especially the ones produced at the turn of the century and in the ’90s come at quite affordable prices. The Bentley Arnage model was introduced in 1998. Bentley sales The cars produced until 2001 have more or less the same features as the first model with slight improvements and style modifications. Due to the change in the ownership of Bentley, some cars produced during this period have a BMW V8 engine, which was originally introduced with the first model, and others have a Rolls Royce twin-turbo V8 engine. The latter did not match the performance of the former so newer models continue to have BMW V8 engines. It is best to go for a car with this type of motor if you want the best possible performance and simpler maintenance.

If you are looking for a more recent Bentley Arnage for sale, you should definitely focus your attention on the cars made after 2001. This year, the Arnage RL model was introduced to Bentley sales. It is popular for its long wheelbase which allows for extra space for the rear-seat passengers. The 6. 75-liter V8 engine produces 405 horsepower. The sportier version of RL is Arnage R which offers similar performance but is more compact and lighter. The Arnage T model introduced in 2002 offers more power – the engine is capable of producing 465 horsepower. It has faster acceleration and speed. If you are interested in other brands then check out NJ’s best-used car dealers in South Hackensack

The cars from the range produced after 2007 have mechanical modifications which make them more powerful than their previous counterparts. The larger engine and the 6-speed ZF automatic transmission are the main new features. These cars have more advanced technical and electronic features as well. All of these factors determine their higher prices. If you are considering Bentley Arnage for sale made after 2007, you should compare the specs of the three main models RL, R and T. The first two have 454 horsepower, 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 167.8 mph. The Arnage T offers 493 horsepower, acceleration from standstill to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 180.2 mph. You should definitely consider finding a Bentley Arnage for sale with collector value if you want to make a long term investment in a machine from the carmaker. A car from the 2006 Diamond series for commemorating the 60the anniversary of the brand is a truly valuable piece not only for its amazing specs and features. Only 60 of those were made so their non-intrinsic value is quite high.

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