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Dallas, Texas has come to be known as the “Big D”. It’s the ninth largest city in America, behind NYC, L.A., Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and San Diego. As such, there is ample diversity, opportunity, and intrigue throughout Dallas. You can find everything there—and that includes fine living for yourself, you and your spouse, or your family.

Following we’ll briefly explore a few of the most popular neighborhoods in Dallas to help give you an idea what’s out there. Certainly there are more than three fine neighborhoods in The Big D, but these areas are really worth thinking about. For more reference, you can check out this website, which lists Dallas neighborhoods by varying statistics.

  1. University Park – The Richest Neighborhood, On Average
    Demographics don’t tell the whole story, but they tell a lot of it. University Park has a little over 24k people and is a little under four square miles in size. The average age of the region is right around 27. In terms of income, you can expect the average to be higher than $170k. Three-fourths of the neighborhood is occupied by homeowners, and commutes are eighteen minutes.

Those are all pretty good numbers, except perhaps the median age. Certainly this is ideal for some apartment hunters, it can be ideal for some home hunters as well; but others may not find this the most recommendable item of the community. That said, an eighteen minute commute is extremely desirable in a city as big as Dallas.

  1. Oak Cliff – The Largest Neighborhood, And Quite Affordable
    Oak Cliff is a little over 72 square miles in size, and people average about 32 years of age in this neighborhood. The average household income is $33k+, so it’s a very affordable area. What’s most surprising is that, even with incomes that low, over 50% of the neighborhood owns their own home.

In Central Dallas, only 25% of people own their own home, while the average income is $53k+. So Oak Cliff has a lot to recommend it. The average commute is perhaps its worst feature at 31 minutes.

Still, over 79% of the population is over the age of 18, and there are 275k+ people in this neighborhood, meaning across the board it’s a fairly secure community. It’s a bit separated from most occupational centers in Dallas, but what you lose in commute you save in average annual living expenses.

  1. West Dallas – The Youngest Neighborhood
    Technically, University Park is also the youngest neighborhood, but there’s an educational element which skews the numbers. Right under University Park is West Dallas, where the median age is 28 years, and 65% of the population are older than 18. There are approximately 29k people in this neighborhood, and the average household income is $31k.

Over 50% of the people living in this neighborhood own their own home, and the average commute is 28 minutes. So it’s another working-class neighborhood that’s reasonably secure. However, things aren’t cramped there. It’s only 16 square miles. Meanwhile, Oak Cliff is 72. So though Oak Cliff is only 4.5 times the size of West Dallas, it’s got 9.48 times the population.

Still, West Dallas has more homeowners, a slightly shorter commute, and a reduced overall average annual income, meaning generally you can find apartments, homes, and other living solutions that are more affordable in this region.

Finding Your Best Living Solution In Dallas
There are quite a few diverse options for living in Dallas, Texas at the present time. You can find some great units either for singles, couples, or families through websites like the following, which feature top-tier Dallas Apartments all over the city.

Consider where your job is, consider what your income is, consider the age range you’re looking to hit, and how long you intend to stay where you move. Some people are seeking a new permanent living solution, some are just seeking to find an apartment for one or two terms of lease as a means of figuring out where their “cruising altitude” is.

Determine what your deal-breakers are, your “must-have” living arrangements, and anything else similarly related. Dallas is “The Big D”, and it’s getting bigger. If you’re considering a place to move, Dallas has much to recommend it. If you are looking for better living appointments within the city, there are plenty of options.


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