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Plitvice lakes

What are Plitvice Lakes and Where is it?

In 1979 Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. While this protection was extended only recently, the site has been a national park since 1949 and protected in that fashion as well. These must-see lakes have created a thriving industry in the surrounding area sparking the rise of everything from art galleries, to hotels, to private accommodation aimed at catering to tourists. Every year, more than a million visitors visit the park, walk its trails, and take in the amazing sites surrounding the turquoise waters of Plitvice Lakes.


What accommodation are there near Plitvice Lakes?

The majority of accommodation and places to stay are north and east of the park a short drive away. From rooms in Plitvica Selo to rooms along the D1 route, you are never more than thirty minutes or twenty-four kilometers away. All of the rooms no matter what the style are aimed at providing the visitor with top-notch comfort, care, and friendly hosting. Whether you are looking for a five-star hotel room or quaint little apartment you can find the style of accommodation available in the area.

Plitvicka jezera

What is there to do in Plitvice Lakes? has a great interactive map detailing many of the interesting and fun activities inside the national park as well as a lot more useful information. This site can direct and help plan any trip to the park including trips to the upper and lower lakes, all the amazing and beautiful waterfalls inside the park, the cascades, and much more.

June through September mark the high-volume dates to visit the park. Park entrance ticket prices fluctuate through the year, so check the website and Entrance link to get the up to date pricing. However, that one ticket not only gets you into the park but also encompasses all bus fees and ferry fees inside the park. Guests can get on and off as they please and children under 7 are free.

Plitvice jezera

What is there to do around Plitvice Lakes? has a great link showing attractions around the park including distances. Of course, these distances will change based on a guest’s chosen accommodation so check those via the map application of choice. However, things listed nearby include horseback riding, caving, local art galleries, and family-owned working farms to name a few, and that doesn’t even include the restaurants.

Bridge on Plitvice lakes

No matter what sort of attractions are desired, something can be found for everyone near the beautiful lakes of Plitvice Lakes. From gorgeous apartments (apartmani in Croatian) to the more traditional hotel rooms, this region of Croatia is ready. Beautiful vistas inside the park with amazing, panoramic photo opportunities to interesting activities outside the park like horseback riding, shopping, and dining. Plitvice Lakes National Park is prepared for the visit as it has proven hosting over 1 million guests each year. When planning your next trip, consider Plitvice Lakes National Park as a must-see destination.

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