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We are living in the era of technology. From entertainment to fitness, artificial intelligence (AI) is ubiquitous. There is no denying that technology has made our life easier and more convenient, and we are still figuring out how we can enhance it to make our life better.

Looking at the trend of increasing accessibility to AI, anybody can interpret that automation will soon take over human beings from the majority of sectors, including the food industry. Restaurants are embracing automation widely by extending the functionality of robots to taking orders. Besides, it is helping restaurant owners taking stock of data to enhance the dining experience of users.

Restaurants are widely accepting AI because it helps whittle down the labor cost. Efficiency goes up, whether it is about cleaning and cooking. Automation eliminates the chances of human errors, and it takes the burden off your head. It is faster than human beings and can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Although AI is helping you reducing labor costs, it is quite expensive. New restaurant owners who have just stepped into the food industry cannot afford to automate it. Even though same day loans for unemployed are available on the market, they cannot fund such a significant expense. Here is how AI is transforming the restaurant world.

Flippy – AI robot solutions

Flippy is an AI robot solution for kitchens designed to perform various tasks such as grilling, frying, and cleaning.

  • It does not need any human guidance as it is intelligent enough to decide when to put the raw burger patties on the grill.
  • It monitors in real-time and hence ensures perfect cooking.
  • It cleans spatulas and wipes the surface of the grill.
  • This robotic machine also helps cook by informing them of the next action to be done.

This AI kitchen assistant is helping the food outlets improving customers’ experience by serving them delicious food faster with greater consistency. It has made more optimized delivery and reduced food waste from errors into the bargain.

Smart kiosks

Smart kiosks that started their journey from big players McDonald’s, Burger King are pervasive in airports, grocery stores, and casinos. You can order food with a digitized menu. You can make your preference based on your taste and mood like, extra pepper and sauce. One of the most significant benefits of such kiosks is you can effectively manage all customers during the peak hour.

Smart kiosks have reduced the number of people waiting in a queue to order. Besides also, those are waiting at the counter for their food. Some food outlets have taken a step ahead in terms of technology. KFC China has launched face recognition AI kiosks that predict customers’ orders based on their estimated age, and mood. It has collaborated with Baidu, a search engine company to develop facial recognition technology.

The kiosk will scan your facial features to identify your gender, age and mood before making a suggestion. If you do not want it, you can consider alternatives. Once you pick your meal, pay at the kiosk, and collect your feed.


The use of chatbots are also increasing in the food industry. It is playing a paramount role in attracting new customers and improve their experience. Chatbots can be integrated with any interface allowing you to collect orders from your customers.

The chatbot will ask your customer relevant information, such as whether they want it to be delivered or collect themselves. People can speak into the app to order food. Several big restaurants are making an effort to integrate chatbots in their system to engage customers and improve their experience.

TellSpec – Real-time analysis for food safety

TellSPec is an AI scanner used to classify the ingredients involved in food at the molecular level. These scanners use biometric techniques to provide such the most profound details. It throws light directly onto food to read chemical components. As a restaurant owner, you can receive the data through your smartphones.

You need to know that the food you are serving is of the best quality. TellSpec uses technology that can identify chemical compounds that can cause allergic reactions. Knowing beforehand about harmful components, you can prevent your reputation and enhance your customers’ experience. It improves customer confidence by maintaining nutritional transparency.

From reducing the operation cost to improving the dining experience of customers, AI has made everything faster and convenient. Although AI seems to be replacing human beings, you still need to have staff to perform all functions. By introducing AI at your restaurant, you can get several benefits. However, it requires an excellent investment.

the increasing use of AI robots and chatbots, you can interpret that it is not that expensive, but it can cost you a small fortune. Even if you want to integrate it at a lower level, you will have to make your budget. If you try to fund it, make sure that you borrow money from a reputed direct lender like Aone Finance.

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