8 Smart Tips to Consider While Studying Abroad

  • It is no less than an achievement to be a part of the 7 million world’s international student population studying abroad.
  • Now that you are all up, alive and kicking for the big trip ahead, get your hands on the preparation checklist with these 8 smart tips to back you up.

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  1. Apply for a passport and visa

Here are the essentials you must carry while applying for a passport or visa.

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Two recent passport-sized photos.
  • Verified identity documents such as driver’s licenses and the likes.
  • Proof of passport application.
  1. Work on your linguistic skills
  • There are several apps such as DuolingoLingvistand Babbel that can be utilized to sharpen your linguistic skills.
  1. Visit your doctor before leaving
  • Do not miss out on getting a “Physically Fit” certificate from your physician before flying abroad.
  • Most of the academic institutes and professional platforms demand medical certificates as part of their admission criteria.
  1. Get in touch with the alumni of the program
  • This will help you to get a clear picture of the course details, major setbacks, the perks of pursuing that particular program and the likes.
  1. Plan your finance prior to signing up
  • Check with your regional financial aid office for comprehensive aid and assistance.
  1. Save a few good academic URLs in your Smartphone
  1. Sign up for voting while living overseas
  • Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website to follow up with the procedures for overseas voting rights.
  1. Jot down all emergency numbers
  • Maintain a notepad and jot down Embassy contact details, emergency medical services, police helpline numbers, and the likes.