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It is always recommended not to take a knife to a gunfight, and when the fight is among different nations, you certainly don’t go to a war barehanded.

With the increase in the competition between websites and online businesses, arises the need to analyse and track the activity of the competition. With years into the research, Search Engine Optimisation tools have been developed to provide a business with the necessary data for the marketing of one’s site. The Tools have the capability to spy on your rivals’ businesses and the sites as well.

With the SEO tool, it has become a creative art to get better in the market and rank on the first page of Google.

The Benefits that are Promised with the Use of SEO Tools are:

Understand the Strategy of the Competitor

SEO tools offer a diverse data and their analytics that can be used to find out the facts and contents for which your rival is being ranked on Google. The tracking will help you develop the content for your site.

You can take the help of the SEO tools to know from where your competitor is generating its backlinks. When the source has been acknowledged, you can use the source for yourself. You can create content to generate the backlink directly from those sites.

You can also find out the keywords that are helpful in the scheme of your competition. With the accurate keyword research, you can rank better on google against all other sites ranking, fighting for the same keywords.

Automation Will Save You Time

Today, SEO tools come with the best way to audit a site. They easily create charts and other comparison graphs. They will also tell you about the broken links, orphaned pages, pages missing meta and headlines, and many other errors that are plummeting your site’s rank down on Google.

You can use tools like Ah-ref and SEMrush at a nominal monthly subscription and save a lot of money and time on the marketing strategies.

Keywords for Content Creation and Marketing

While doing keyword research with any SEO tool, you get a range of associated keywords along with their volume and difficulty to rank. You can make use of this information to find out the right keywords according to the scale of your business. You can tell your content team about the keywords, and related semantic ones beforehands, thereby ensuring the best content among all of the other sites.

Data Interpretation and Client ROI Reports

If you have used a search engine optimisation tool before you will understand its usage in the interpretation of data. The tools provide you with a large number of comparison matrices that will help you with the analysis of your and your rival’s strategy. You can choose your domain and any other site’s domain to compare them side by side.

The reports generated can directly be downloaded into a PDF that can then be sent to the clients to help them understand the returns on their investments.

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