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The famous saying, “a book is judged by its cover” still holds water and is true about the first perception or impression. When it comes to product packaging, the first thing an onlooker will notice is the design. If it is not entrancing and very predictable, a potential buyer might not feel inclined into checking out the item. Retailers are all the way more aware of the importance of artwork for merchandise boxes. They know that the design details need to be beguiling for packaging in order to persuade customers to ask more about a food, cosmetic or retail item.

There are certain products that can’t be sold effectively without enthralling boxes’ layout. Cosmetics, perfumes, eatables all need catchy packaging to persuade shoppers into making a purchase. Though the main purpose of artwork has always been to pique the interest of customers and compel them into make a purchase but with time boxes’ designs have been used for building perception about the packaged items. Artwork for bakery packaging for instance is customized with lively colors and graphics that give buyers an idea about the kind of cupcakes, breads or croissants packaged inside. Retail packaging is designed with the view to give shoppers an instant idea about the features of products.

In order to make your merchandise boxes’ design attractive in appeal, you should have a look at the latest packaging artwork trends. If you have a professional printing solutions provider, ask for advice and suggestion to make the boxes for merchandise hard to ignore for the buyers. You need to revamp the packaging layout at regular intervals if you long to retain the interest of customers in your products.

We are sharing an insight on how to make your packaging design stand out!

Come Up With An Original And Inspiring Idea

You shouldn’t be copying someone else’ packaging artwork as it is likely to damage your brand’s credibility and repute. Whether you want to pitch cruelty free makeup, original leather accessories or luxury watches, the boxes’ design should be inspiring and different. If you already have a design idea, discuss it with the printer and see how it can be tweaked and refined. You can take inspiration from businesses that are commended for their creative custom boxes artwork but do not imitate the details.

Packaging Design Should Define The Product

As discussed earlier, packaging layout should be customized according to the product’s features and benefits. This will help you with enlightening potential shoppers about the retail item you intend to display and promote. The pictorial and text details of the boxes should assist with building awareness about the product. Don’t use irrelevant artwork that might be misleading and not according to the specs of the item you are selling. Packaging artwork should help buyers understand the concept of your merchandise.

Pictorial Boxes’ Designs Are Preferred

If you want your packaging to leave an indelible imprint on consumers, use pictorial artwork. Images definitely are easy and quick to understand than the text details. Custom retail packaging with graphics is likely to grab attention of shoppers. They will be intrigued into checking out the product displayed in a riveting box. You can have high-resolution product photos printed on packaging as well, for smart phone accessories, gadgets and similar items, boxes’ design should include pictures of the merchandise. You can have before and after images of models using products for the artwork, pictorial tutorial for cosmetic packaging is quite popular. It persuades the makeup junkies to take their product pick without having to ask for testers.

Artwork Should Include Branding And Product Essentials

Boxes for retail items need to have branding essentials like logo, tagline and product name printed with an interesting font style. For many products, color scheme of the logo is used for packaging, you can however offer a different theme and have the logo and brand slogan blended in it perfectly. Make sure that the text in the design is readable, avoid using chunks of it. You can create artwork variations for packaging to make a choice after meticulous evaluation.

It is better to involve your branding and marketing team in designing the boxes for retail products. This will give you an array of ideas that you can utilize for improving the packaging design. Get support from your printing vendor on adding a terrific touch to the boxes. You should have different designs for packaging individual items, keep the basic details the same but do change the backdrop color and images to offer customers variety. Many printers claim to offer free design assistance to clients, you should check the veracity of these promises before availing services from a packaging solutions provider.

Impressionville has a talented graphics team to provide you winsome artwork preferences for your packaging boxes. The digital printing company doesn’t charge for design assistance and shipping.

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