‘Practice makes a man perfect’, this phrase has been heard and said by many elders teaching individuals to be hardworking and passionate about what you dream of. So, whether you are at any field pursuing your career in what you are good at, you need to be persistent, compassionate and consistent in whatever you do.


Are you a blogger and worried about how to create leads or attract the audience to your website? Then just remember one thing! Each day you would get a new blogger or a fresh blog post which in total estimated by article writing service is to be 400 million in 2018 (the number might get doubled each year).

The blog you write won’t get into spotlights instantly. This would take time. A famous award-winning writer suggests to focus on writing and exploring your writing style. So, guys, you need something more than just a piece of advice that every individual has. The thing is how to make your blog impactful and influential.

Few Ways to Hold On To Your Audience List 

  • Write advices, tips, and tricks.
  • Write your stories and experiences.
  • Write promotional content.
  • Write about problems or issues and their solutions.


Amazing Tips to Make Your Blog Post Viral 

Every blogger’s dream is to make their piece of writing viral or get enough traffic that could help their website rank on Google page. We have sorted out tips and tricks of professional bloggers that you can find useful to make your blog post viral!

  1. Conduct a Descriptive Plan to Cover Up Confusion:

When we say descriptive it is vivid or unclear whichever you want to choose, a plan you would keep in mind while writing. You see the writing process won’t happen within a second or a minute. First thing first, choose a topic that is user-friendly as well as have all the elements to make it viral. For instant topics that everyone wants to search for are the best topics you would go for. Next comes the research or know-how of the chosen topics. Get all the relevant facts that are the latest for your blog post.


  1. Viral your unique style: 

There has been so much content viral on the internet your voice might get distracted in this chaos. So, what you need to do is find your voice, own style do not copy someone else work or talent. The voice you want to display does not make it with the content you write; it means to show your unique website design, quality videos or visuals that are different from others.


  1. Make it relatable and meaningful:

If your blogs are written to display the solution of a problem, then, you must make it impactful for the reader to get meaningful ideas or feel relatable. After the person visiting your website read the blog, he could feel something accomplished or actionable. A blog post about organic products would be impactful enough until you add a section of reviews or rate each one of the products to understand the context more.

  1. Opening sentence should be unique:

When talking about a blog post the first thing a reader would do is to scroll all the headings or the opening sentence to get an idea of what is about to be mentioned. If your opening sentence is as good as the topic you chose than half of your work has been done already. You can take the help of many other bloggers who intend to keep their audience as a magnet with an attractive content till the end. Some Tips to Get Your Opening Sentences Impressive.

  • Ask your readers a question
  • Tell something funny
  • Quote something amazing
  • Describe a scenario that can also relate your audience
  • Unique facts


  1. Advertise at your social media accounts: 

You have right an impactful blog post which you feel confident about; the next step is to promote it. Yes, you need to drag your audience to your page. Make your social media presence strong enough so that your followers could easily locate your blogs and read them. How can you promote it, the best thing is to use Pinterest as your advertising buddy. You can write a post to create an awesome pin to connect with your audience. And lastly, put the cherries on the top with a powerful description for SEO purposes.


  1. Kill those adjectives 

When we say kill it doesn’t mean to kill it completely. Well, the adjectives you use while writing if close together will give a negative impact on the readers. So, avoid such habits. When asking people about what kind of writing one would do they suggest something descriptive which means that describe something or adjectives. But in true writing, there is no space for many adjectives. Even product description writing service suggest that if you see an adjective in your sentence demolish it instantly.


Final Thought:

You get an idea of how to construct a viral blog post that has all the elements that an audience love to have. Be determined in what you do and you will reach your path easily without any hurdle.


Author’s bio:

Sara Hampton is an influencer, a blogger and a digital marketer. She is dedicated to her field of work and has delivered her talent in many other blogs post. She is been associated with content majestic team for about 5 years now.