Universal exchange funds have been in the spotlight as a road for criminal associations and psychological militant lenders to launder cash. Be that as it may, banks are currently under exceptional tension by controllers to abstain from multiplying the financing of such people/elements related with tax evasion, fear based oppressor associations and pay off and debasement. Nonetheless, with neighborhood and worldwide guidelines (Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Hong Kong Association of Banks as guides) to cling to, exchange consistency groups are battling. 

Exchange consistency groups face the test of comprehension and be fully informed regarding every administrative necessity, and have the option to give review trails to fulfill any outside administrative checks. 


Performing consistency checks can be a tedious procedure, with banks searching for increasingly proficient methods for archiving why certain choices are being made, what sources they have utilized, and furthermore the dates and times of each check, so as to exhibit how they oversee chance. 


The advantages of a computerized arrangement 


The requirement for an answer that keeps up consistency with controllers, yet in addition brings down inside expenses by boosting efficiencies and sparing time is a higher priority than at any other time Export Control Compliance. One arrangement containing screening, case the executives and review following is fundamental to satisfy these necessities. 


Exchange Compliance gives a one-stop answer for all your screening necessities, regardless of whether that is screening clients for sanctions e.g., Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or the exchanging movement itself—merchandise, areas, or the transportation vessel. 

It gives a safe, start to finish arrangement that empowers you to bring together the entirety of your screening forms for record, exchange and exchange documents for clump or continuous queries. The adaptability of the framework takes into account a similar arrangement in either a facilitated or on premise condition and takes into account any kind of screening. 


Streamline Operations 


Guarantee dynamic depends on the most recent and most complete information Decrease bogus positives by altering consistence screening as indicated by your own needs and hazard profile Have the opportunity to occupy assets from manual, dreary checking to other operational assignments 

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Best Practice Compliance 


Improve the standard of consistence to meet global best practice and envision administrative requests Make an unmistakable review trail to exhibit dynamic to controllers 


Secure Your Reputation 


Limit the reputational and money related hazard to your association that is acquire in exchange fund 


Improve turnaround time for client’s exchange account applications 


Trade Compliance is a far reaching and wise arrangement that productively screens against approvals, vessels and double use merchandise inside a solitary interface – offering a concentrated perspective on hazard and consistency, joining progressed and improved highlights: 


A propelled screening motor – unites the information to effectively screen against assents, delivery and vessels, double use merchandise, elements and areas, into a merged screen highlighting the key fields expected to check various parts of an exchange. It tends to be designed to suit singular informational indexes, robotize work processes and organize audit time by advising clients when there are potential match cases to survey, streamlining by and large screening forms. 


Improved overall rule list – Acuity’s data investigate bunch proactively research, check and add step by step to keep awake with the most recent with overall controller statements, ceaselessly overhauling with countless extraordinary identifiers for included confirmation against approved substances 


Upgraded worldwide guideline records are continually refreshed to give you the most thorough information on vessel authorizes and screening for double use products. 


Transportation and Vessels – Includes basic Vessel sanctions Screening information not gave by OFAC and extra vessel data, for example, gainful proprietor, past names, IMO number, port of library, and administrator (see nitty gritty portrayal underneath) 


Double Use Goods – Comprehensive double use and controlled products information which is accessible in electronic organization, permitting increasingly proficient and precise screening.

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