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The way things are arranged in a person’s immediate environment almost directly affects a person’s mood. An uncluttered, peaceful, serene surrounding leads to a peaceful mind while noise and adds to stress. The environment in a person’s home most definitely qualifies as their immediate environment. Research has shown the people tend to feel as if their life is out of control when there are more things in their homes and if those things are not arranged properly. 

Everyone has some degree of junk lying around the house. Therefore, anyone can benefit from decluttering their homes. Everything that a person keeps in the house is not to be considered as clutter. It is only those items in the house that do not add any value to the lives of the people living in the house that can be considered as clutter. Decluttering is about making room for only those things that matter or add value to one’s life in one’s home. Clutter can be considered an energy zapper as they waste tremendous amounts of time if one has to go through huge amounts of clutter to look for things one needs. Getting house insurance from a reputed insurance company will be immensely helpful.

It has been observed that in very extreme cases of cluttering in homes, people may suffer from obesity or depression. If a person tends to hoard things that he does not need, clutter can cause fire hazards. If the cluttered items collect mould and dust, health complications can also arise. For example, the synergy of cluttered items, dust, mould, etc. can make already existing cases of depression and asthma worse. These extreme cases often go unreported and are not very uncommon. Home insurance from a good company can protect the contents of your home against unforeseen circumstances.

Decluttering is a great stress reliever and it also provides a sense of control and accomplishment. Clean space in a home has a positive impact on the people living in the home. Getting rid of the junk frees extra space in a home. Whatever your reason for decluttering your life and home, the following are the 10 best ways to declutter your home. The tips which are tried and tested. These 10 ways work. 

  1. Use your camera: Everyone likes to the emotional high of comparing before and after photographs where the situation has improved in the after photograph. Select one part of your home, for example, a dining area. Remove items from the area and take an after photo. Once a person sees how beautiful his or her decluttered home looks, it will motivate him or her to start decluttering their home.
  2. Use them before and after photographs to visualize: Visualize being at peace with yourself at your beautiful, serene and decluttered home where everything is perfectly arranged and in perfect order. This will motivate you further to declutter your home.
  3. Don’t Procrastinate: Realize the power of the present. Do not delay. Start decluttering your home immediately. The process of decluttering is a stress reliever and the benefits of a decluttered home are many. Additionally, it is a really easy process.
  4. Get multiple Trash bins: Do not wait to throw away items that nobody needs or cannot be repaired and letting those items clutter your home, throw those items to the trash bin immediately. There are decorated, aesthetically pleasing trash bins available in the market.
  5. Be charitable, have a charity bin: Have multiple bins for charity. Designate one or more bins for items that can be donated to a charitable organization. Designate another for items that can be donated to a person in need. Use sticky tapes to mark which item goes to whom.
  6. Recycle: Use this bin or cabinet for items that need to be recycled, such as glass, plastic or paper.
  7. Use a repair cabinet: Designate a cabinet for items that need to be repaired such as an old handbag or rucksack or shoes that need to be repaired. Set a reminder on your phone when they should be sent for repairs. Do not delay as the items are at risk of lying around in the cabinet forever waiting for them to be repaired.
  8. 8.Everything in its place: The French word misen place means everything in its place. Designate specific places for everything, from cups to plates to clothes to shoes to mobile phones, etc. so that everything is kept at its proper place.
  9. Make small improvements: Create a decluttering checklist, keep adding to the checklist and seek to make small improvements.
  10. Keep the decluttering fire burning in you and turn decluttering into a habit: You are at risk of falling into the old habit of cluttering unless you turn to declutter into a habit. So start with clicking photographs of your home as mentioned in the first point of this article and keep repeating the steps. This repetition will turn your present move to declutter into a habit.

It has been said that a person who moves a mountain usually begins by moving a small stone. These ten ways to declutter your home will transport you into a new galaxy in your very own home where everything is decluttered, beautifully arranged leading to mental peace and tranquillity. Your friends, relatives, and others will only wonder how you magically transformed your home.

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