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A parent simply wants the best things for their children and family. As a parent, you would constantly be striving to give the best life possible by educating, protecting, and showing your children how to make the most of their life. This is the reason, when parents hear about cord blood and the stem cell banking benefits it can offer to both their children & their family; they immediately get curious to learn more about it.

So if you are expecting your baby in this world anytime soon, with a lot of planning you need to understand the most important thing which is cord blood stem cell banking– what it is, what makes it so important,  and how they can be used.

Hopefully, this post will answer all your queries and help the expectant parents to understand the cord blood banking and what makes it so important.

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is the process of collection & preservation of baby’s umbilical cord blood which takes place at the time of birth. The umbilical cord stem cells are collected immediately after the baby is delivered.  The stem cells are then shipped to a laboratory where they are stored for future medical use.

Why is cord blood important?

The stem cells cord blood contains unique; this is because they’ve not yet developed into any specific type of cells. Thus, they have the potential to transform into a variety of cells that can serve different functions in the body. The important thing about banking stem cells is that it can only be done at the time of birth; so, you only have one chance to preserve these highly valuable cells.

How can cord blood be used?

Since cord blood stem cells are of unique nature, they can be used to treat over 80 diseases, which includes certain forms of leukaemia, lymphomas, and anaemias. The hematopoietic stem cells

(HSCs) found in cord blood are a 100% genetic match to the baby. Also, it has a 25% chance of perfectly matching to their sibling, and has a 50% chance of partially matching to the parents. So, if in case your baby or a family member ever needs a stem cell transplant, there’s a good chance that they’ll already have a match ready for their use.

Stem Cell Banking Benefits

  • New– Stem cells that are extracted during childbirth are much younger than the ones obtained from bone marrow; this is mainly because these cells have been preserved at the time of birth and have not been exposed to the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Amount– The amount or the concentration of the stem cells found in cord blood is much higher than it is found in bone marrow or peripheral blood.
  • Potential– Scientists believe that the division of stem cell is quite limited. Stem cells that have been extracted & preserved at the time of birth have the greatest division & differentiation capabilities as compared to other cells present in the human body because they are typically collected later in life.

So, lastly, all we can say is cord blood banking is a life-saving decision that you can make not just for your baby but the entire family!

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