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When it comes to lab testing equipment, it becomes really significant to consider multiple things before making a purchase. One always aims at maximizing its return at the time of making investments. These lab testing equipments are the major investments by the laboratories, so there are some key points that they should focus on before spending their money on these equipments.

The following are the key points discussed that one should keep in his mind.

 Availability- The very first thing to consider is the availability of the equipment. Lab testing equipments are often imported from overseas, and it nearly takes 10 weeks to deliver, which is quite a huge time. Some equipments might also be available in your country; their delivery can occur in a short period of time. Also, there are chances that the equipment is there in the stock and ready for the immediate delivery. So depending on the lead time that a lab can afford and the price, one can choose the supplier from whom they want to purchase. 

After-sale services- Every customer, before making a purchase wants to know if the supplier will provide him after-sale services. There are chances that the equipments at the time of use can show some troubles, and the lab might need some professional assistance. So after-sale services would be really helpful for the laboratories as they ask their queries on the phone call and if needed, the supplier can also provide services by visiting their place.

Warranty- the warranty is the other major point to consider. When it comes to lab testing equipment, one cannot just ignore this aspect. At the time of making a decision for purchase, one must ask all the details about the warranty of the equipment. The questions like how much time does the warranty cover? Who to contact to if one has to claim for the warranty? What will be the warranty process? What voids the warranty contract?

Usage- the next important key factor is the usage of the equipment. It is said that machinery which is used regularly is more reliable and offers more quality than the machines which is used only for a few times. One must consider the frequency of usage of the equipment before making a decision for purchase. The equipment will provide more efficacy and reliability if it is used regularly.

Price- The most important factor is the price of the equipment; this factor constitutes the decision-making process. The cost of the equipment does not always make the cost of ownership. There are many other costs which are added in the purchase price of the equipment like installation cost, operating cost, maintenance cost etc. so it becomes quite important to assess the difference between the total cost of ownership with that of total benefit of ownership ( the returns on the equipment to the company). If after the comparison the return is more than that of the cost the customer can think of buying the product. Similarly the comparison can be done in respect of the suppliers too.

These are the key points that one must consider before making purchase for the lab testing equipment and material testing equipments. Considering these points can lead to better investment by the laboratories.    

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