There are things to know before moving to Switzerland to enjoy exquisite fun and excitement. It is a country in which its passport can grant you access to other European countries. In terms of tourism, it is also a nice place to tour round. There are lots of things to thrill you in Switzerland such as the Alps, food, culture, drinks, skiing, and some others. For a long time, this country has been a hotspot for foreign expatriates who want to invest or buy real estate. As a result of this, there are more job opportunities to decrease unemployment rates.

Although the quality of life is high, they pay high salaries to their workers, and more people want to move to Switzerland. It is not easy to move into this country, because of its immigration process. Even citizens from other European countries find it difficult to move to this country (Switzerland). With a population of approximately 8 million people, the country is still doing fine. They have diverse cultures due to the fact they are multilingual countries speaking four different languages – German, Italian, French, and Romansh.

Things to Know While Moving to Switzerland

The following are things to know while moving to Switzerland, and here they are:

1.     Job Opportunities:

There are different job openings in Switzerland due to numerous companies available for its citizen. The opening of new companies is increasing massively, and as such seeking for labour force to fill in strategic positions. Money has an intrinsic value based on what it can solve in the aspect of expenditures. Therefore, you can get a good job from any company such as finance, technology, pharmaceutical, hospitality, biotechnology, and many others.

2.     Accessible Transport:

Immigrants can rely on the Swiss railway system for easy transportation. This allows you to move anywhere you intend to go to within the country. For instance, where your work is far from where you live, you can get to your place of work on time. In rural or mountainous areas, there are still trains to transport people to their destinations. Therefore, there is no need for you to panic about where you want to go within Switzerland. This is one of the things to know while moving to Switzerland.

3.     Multilingual Country:

The country has been divided into three regions, because of the different languages they speak. These languages influence their culture, food, lifestyle, fashion, and others. The three differences in Switzerland are French, Italian and German. As an individual who wants to move Switzerland must know the region or province you are going to live and the kind of language they speak. After you know the language, you can learn a few phrases of exchanging pleasantries from online classes on the internet. If you can do this, you will be drawing the interest of Swiss citizens.

4.     Visa Regulations:

The Swiss embassy is the only place you can apply for a visa and various work permits. Any other place should be considered as being counterfeit. The Swiss embassy is deeply affiliated with the Swiss government. Applicants don’t need to travel to Switzerland for this visa, because this can be done in applicants’ country of residence. A resident of the European Union can visit this country without applying for any visa for three months. If they have the intention to stay for a longer period, then they can obtain work or residence permits. This permit is made available for a period of 12 months (1 year).

5.     Property Information:

It is difficult for someone whose country of residence is not in the European Union to buy an apartment or properties in Switzerland. Swiss citizens prefer to rent an apartment instead of buying it because they are aware of the high price of acquiring properties in their country. Getting affordable rent in Switzerland depends on where you are going to reside. An individual who wants to stay in one of the metropolitan cities or provinces should be expecting paying high rents for accommodation. It is only European Union citizens that can follow the normal procedures the Swiss citizens follow in renting an accommodation.

6.     Driving in Switzerland:

This is one of the things to know while moving to Switzerland. A person’s driving license in his or her country of residence could still be important in Switzerland if the words are written or translated in any of the languages spoken by Switzerland such as French, German, Italian, and English language. When the driving license is being written to another language not spoken by Switzerland, an application needs to be filed to the International Driving Permit (IDP), and this can be gotten from a local driving authority.


The things to know while moving to Switzerland are essential to open your mind for great opportunities. The more you spend time making research and asking more questions about Switzerland, the more you will be able to have in-depth knowledge of the country.