The system of number plates was first introduced in France in 1893, followed by Germany in 1896. In 1904, the system was adopted in the UK when the Motor Car Act made registration mandatory. The first series of registration number plates were issued in 1903 and ran until 1932. Prefix registrations that existed pre-2001, following the format of a single year identifying letter. Since 2001, this format has attracted more importance making the registration number ‘age identifier.’

The number plate system that exists at present had been introduced in September 2001. However, the registration system is different across Great Britain, comprising England, Wales, and Scotland. Northern Ireland follows a separate number plate registration system.

The UK number plates are arranged in the format of two letters, followed by two numbers, and further followed by three letters. E.g. XX 69 XXX

There are no plans for the UK to change or amend this system post-Brexit. However, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), in its guide on number plates has cut the blue strip along with EU stars from the left-hand side.

The number plates in the UK are issued in two releases annually. The present format for plates allows those looking at the car on which it’s displayed to work out its age down to six months. However, you may face trouble if you attach the new private number plate to your car just to make it look younger. It is regarded as illegal if you make your vehicle appear younger than the original age.

Let’s take a glance at when new number plates come out:

Bi-annual releases of UK registrations

In the UK, the new registration of number plates takes place twice a year, once in March and again in September. The third and fourth characters in the present format of registrations are numbers that show the age of the vehicle.

Plates issued on March 1st take these numbers from the last two digits of the year date. For example, for 2019, these characters are a one and a nine. To distinguish them from the plates issued in the first release, plates issued on September 1st take the year date numerals and add 50.

Therefore, the current system for number plates in the UK can continue until the end of February 2051. “00” will be the last age identifier used on this run of plates. The DVLA would review the system of number plates after this period and would come up with a new format for number plate registrations.

The look of 2020 number plates:

The number plates that were issued in January and February are still part of the second batch of registrations issued for 2019. They will feature a six and nine as their third and fourth characters. However, from March 1st, 2020 onwards, these characters would become two and zero. The second batch of number plates issued for 2020, from September 1st, would have a seven and zero.

Pre-buy new release number plates:

Often people have this doubt whether they can purchase a pre-release number and gift later in the year. It is to inform you that a pre-release personalized number plate can be bought as a registration stays valid for ten years from the day of purchase. You can plan accordingly and select among the new to-be-released numbers for registration.

However, you can always approach an expert for this as they are professionals who can help you. They have years of knowledge regarding all types of private number plates. They are experienced and can guide you as to what numbers and letters indicate what when displayed, and at what time of the year they’re released.

Apart from that, these professional people help you to register an interest in the registration of number plates that would take place in the future. They would assist you in the purchase of your dream number plates. Also, the specialists enable you to make some personalized changes if you desire apart from registering the number with priority status. They do the required follow up on your behalf. These executives are equipped with a state-of-the-art tracking system for new registrations. All you need to do is to provide your contact information along with the registration you desire to purchase, and rest would be taken care of by them.

These professional companies also help you to select the pre-released registration number plates according to your preferences or passion. Not only they provide the service, but they also keep you posted on every development of the new release.