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Vtech toys

The baby is almost here! Here are some things you should stock up on before his or her grand entrance.

A Crib to Sleep in


Get ready with a crib that allows your baby to sleep in cosily. If you have already set aside a room for the nursery buying the little one a crib is a great idea. You can explore the many different options the likes of a bassinet cradle or maybe a crib with three sides. It can be a great idea if you are planning to let the process of letting the little one sleep in baby steps.

The crib might not come with a mattress. Therefore you will have to include a mattress that on the list of must have things before the baby shows up. If you are going for a hand me down, make sure the crib is sturdy and that it meets all the safety requirements.

Invest in Baby Toys


This is another must have as new parents for when our need the little one explores the world. One of the most popular toys varieties are Vtech toys. They feature technical smart toys that will help your baby to learn earlier. It is a great investment for the future for when the baby grows up too.


Vtech toys
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Add Some Linen to the List Too


These come in handy if you are planning to go ahead with a crib anyway. You can opt for a mattress pad that is waterproof with sheets that are supposed to go on the crib. You will also need a mattress pad that is quilted, several pads that are waterproof and some blankets that are lightweight. Do not choose plush comforters, bumpers for the crib and pillows for the baby. They can be dangerous for the baby boy or either girl.

Stock up on Diapers


There are three types of diapers. Some are disposable, some are cloth and some are both disposable and cloth. Get ready for 70 to 90 times of changes every week. And this amount reduces to 50 times after six weeks from the baby’s birth.

You will also need a changing table. Ifyou’re not going ahead with the changing table idea, you can invest in some kind of a pad for the little one to lay on while you are changing the diapers.

You will need some type of moistened wipes that are free of alcohol. Or you can even use soft and plush washcloths as well.

Also add an ointment for diaper rash. You might also want to set up some bins to dispose of the diapers that are soiled.

Invest in a Baby Bath Tub As Well


For very small infants you can invest in a tub that comes with a sponge insert or a pad made of foam. You will have to gather up terrycloth washcloths and even towels along with baby soap, baby shampoo, a small comb and a small brush too.

You might want to add nail clippers and some scissors as you go along.

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