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Humans do not pay much attention to something that has not yet failed. We hardly do anything to maintain something in a proper form or to protect it from damage.

All we are ready for is a repair.

This is exactly what we do with our car tyres. You must know that maintaining your tyres can bring you an efficient economy and a lot of guaranteed safety. Although, if the damage is done and you are only left with the option of replacing your tyres, you must keep in mind the following points:

1. Be sure about the need for new tyres

Visually inspect your tyres to find tread wear or any cracks on the sidewalls. If you find such damages or any discolouration and bulging, it is time to get a new set of tyres for your car.

2. Be assured about the good shape of your car

Check your tyres thoroughly and look for uneven wear. If you find uneven wearing on your tyres, it can be an indicator of misaligned wheels and suspension issues. Putting new tyres on a misaligned car or one that has bad shocks is equivalent to throwing your money in the garbage. Your new tyres are sure to get wasted soon, while the need for a new set would be back quicker than ever before.

3. Check your information placard

The owner’s manual and the information placard will tell you about the recommendations that the manufacturer of your vehicle has made. You can find information about the size and type of tyre that would be most compatible with your vehicle. As per the new law, it is mandatory to have the information placard on your vehicle.

Also, if you have misplaced your owner’s manual and are unable to find it, you can buy it again at a genuine price or search the website of your manufacturer.

4. You need to know what the code on your tyre says

You might see a number written on the sidewall of your tyre and think what it means. You should know how to decipher it to buy the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle. It tells you about all the specifications of the tyres including its type, the load capacity, the depth of its tread and much more.

5. Do consider your wheels

You must also check your wheels before you buy new tyres. If your wheels are damaged, buy a new set of rims or get the entire wheel changed along with the tyres.

You must not run after looks alone while buying wheels, and keep their size as near as possible to the original ones.

6. Buy a matching set of tyres

You would be drawn to replace only those tyres which are worn out, but the modern suspension technology is architectured to work most efficiently in a similar set of tyres. Replacing all your tyres Mansfield at once will help you know more about suspension problems and maintain your tyres in a better way. Your safety will be highly ensured and handling is sure to be better than ever as well.

7. Get your spare tyre checked

You must keep checking your spare tyre and replace it if you find any damage. Do so to ensure that it helps you in the time of need rather than troubling you then.

8. Maintain your new tyres

Always check the air pressure in your tyres and keep rotating them from time to time. Get your vehicle a set of Kenda Tyres Mansfield to ensure it the best mileage and handling. Regular checks are important to keep them in the best condition. So make sure to do that as well.

Timely wheel alignment and rotation can help some valuable years of your tyre-life as well.

Come to TNT Service Centre to get the most unmatched set of tyres at the most reasonable price. We guarantee to provide you with top-notch products and efficient services for a better deal than any other garage in Mansfield.

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