So, you have heard a lot about SAP Business One on-cloud benefits and now you want to evaluate what value does it bring to your business. This blog explains why moving towards SAP Business One Cloud makes sense and why we should consider it.

For many SAP Business One customers, the allure of hosting offerings appeal the most.  The commercial benefits of moving to the cloud is much higher than on-premise one. There is a reason as to why cloud based solutions are gaining much attention.  Managing in house team is expensive and less attractive for probable reasons too. 

The SaaS model allows you to meet your requirements and keep pace with cutting edge technologies. SAP Business One has a global footprint and thus they adhere to security protocols. When you have a reliable partner by your side, you will get various benefits as cloud offerings: 

  • Auto upgrades
  • Security and Scalability
  • High disaster recovery plans
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Robust Support 
  • Off site support and so much more.

When you involve the Gold partner of SAP Business One or a dependable partner, the process is pretty simple. These experts will take care of all the aspects from migration, customization, implementation, hosting, managed services, cloud hosting and more. This means you only have to deal with one partner to get all the services under one roof.

There are more probable reasons to move to SAP Cloud 

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why many businesses opt to implement or migrate their SAP Business One to the cloud version. 

Heavy investment in infrastructure 

Why invest in additional infrastructure if you can reap the benefits of the cloud? There is no need of bringing additional infra or server with SAP cloud. It is so simple as there is no need to bring heavy servers and invest in infrastructure. Why reinvest in additional infra and hardware when you can pay monthly to your erp software provider to take the headache of maintaining it all? You would certainly want to go for a deployment model which comes with lots of ease and comfort. The one which do not demand much and is robust in everything, 


SAP HANA is available both in the cloud and on-premise. But, if you are going to invest in SAP HANA , why not render additional scalability by moving to the Cloud.  

Low Cost of Ownership

If you move to the Cloud, you will need to pay monthly for licenses, backup etc. You can compare the cost directly and know the CapEx costs and on-going costs. For on-premise solutions, there is ongoing maintenance. Just imagine hardware upgrades, support agreements and hidden costs if any.  


Now you can scale up and down easily with SAP Business One Cloud. A cloud environment helps you to navigate best to the journey. If you are scaling high, you can add more license conveniently. And, in case you are facing downside, there is a provision of scale down to save unwanted costs. It is so easy to do with this deployment model. 


A lot has been spoken and written about ERP cloud. Should you need someone who can provide a robust security solution, you should contact a team of experts with a great level of experience and expertise.  

Now, as we know what all benefits you can get by moving in the cloud. So, if you are looking for a cloud solution in SAP Business One Ahmedabad, you must know there are Gold level partners to help you with.