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designer bathroom accessories

The bathroom is that place of the home where we get refresh. However, your bathroom is not less than your decorative rooms- you must bring designer bathroom accessories from India to renew the look if you find your bathroom boring. We agree that any bathroom might not be that glamorous room like your dining area, but it is extensively accessed by every family member and even guests during party. It is necessary to take it seriously and invest your time in renovating the bathroom by adding few accessories.

What if you can have a decent spa at your home and that so by yourself? Here we got several essential accessories for bathroom, you can decide which one to bring as per your need-

  1. Vanity set or bathroom set

Vanity set is a multipurpose set that has a toothbrush holder, soap dish, a dispenser, and a tray.  You can put your creamy moisturizer in a dispenser, so that you can restore the moisture of your hands after every wash. The toothbrush holder can be used to put toothbrushes and toothpaste at one place for easy access. The tray can be used to put your jewelry you took off from the body while bathing.

  1. Toilet paper holder with rack

Traditionally, toilet paper holder is installed beside the toilet seat. It is a simple holder in which you slide your roll for use. Modern holders are space efficient. You cannot just hold your toilet paper roll but can also stock 3-4 in the rod for emergency access. Apart from this, the same holder also has a rack in which you can put some magazines or newspaper.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

The list huge, you can write them in your notebook before shopping. Your bathroom always require a good scrub for spotless cleaning. When you clean your bathroom, it won’t be a highlight of your day, but you still have to remove all the germs and sanitize. Frequent cleaning practice with right products can result in sparkling bathroom.

Things you will need for cleaner bathroom-

  • Wipes
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Tub Cleaner
  • Scrub brush
  • Mold remover
  • Shower Cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Cleaning mop
  1. Dustbin

Every toilet requires a dustbin. You just need to make sure that the dustbin you choose should not be made of metal. Bathrooms are those areas of your home that get maximum moisture exposure. Metallic dustbins are not durable and are only meant for separate toilet use as you see in the malls. For domestic purposes, you can bring plastic trash can. There are limitless designs available for trash can in plastic. You can find them in your local market conveniently.

  1. Shower Mat

You don’t need to bring those old and boring plastic or rubber based shower mats for your bathroom. There are so many shower mat designs in different materials available at supplier store. Or if you are seeking or creative mats, use your quarantine time and make wine cork mats, cedar wood bath mats, teak wood bath mats, bamboo mats, pebble mats, and lots of other stuff.

  1. Towel hangers

If you like simplicity in every touch and don’t want to make your bathroom a full of luxurious room, you can do it with minimalistic style. Bring swing towel bars that are compact in design and wall mounted. You can install the towel bars to solve the issue of scattered towels in the bathroom.

If you don’t wish to drill your bathroom wall for swing towel bars, you can instead have towel door hook hanger. The set has 3-4 hooks to hang towels and it can be hang behind your bathroom door. This option goes perfectly well for those who have limited space in the bathroom.

  1. Multi-tier storage organizer

Women and men both use cosmetics and beauty products in modern time. It’s just the cosmetic and beauty products vary for both men and women. Women who might like to use multi-tier storage organizer to rack lipsticks and bath essentials, men might like to have their shaving set on the shelves. But if you are married and want to use multi-tier storage organizer, you can still have it for organizing different vitamin essentials and aromatic bath oils.

The rack is made of plastic and easy to clean.

  1. Hair styling storage chest

If you often use blow dryer or curling rod for your hair, you can make a special corner for it in your bathroom. Make sure you have good spacious table top in the bathroom for this. Designer bathroom accessories manufacturers in India supply hair styling storage chests that you can install inside your bathroom. There are special slots made for big hair dryer and two slots for brushes and rods. There is also a small drawer that can be used to store hair pins. Two compartments in the chest can be used to put hair care products.

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