As an advisor, it is important for you to keep track of your continuing education credits. Losing record of these means losing your license and even your practice. It’s important to keep track of your CEs so you always know when it’s time to get more points.

When you enroll in a course, you must state how busy you are and how much time you can spend on a class. If you are balancing a relationship, family, and flourishing practice, you may need a Addiction Counselor Continuing Education Courses credit that allows for a little more flexibility. Instead, you may have extra time this year to devote to a class. Either circumstance is a factor in the type of course in which you can apply for enrollment.

If you are one of these people who is constantly bound by time, you may want to consider an audio tape course. This course is suitable for those whose unique and precious learning time is in their car every morning. Just plug in the audio recording into a conference call or discussion, listen as you drive, and remember to take the quiz later. As long as you can pay enough attention to the material to review the main discussion points later, you should have a little trouble passing the questionnaire. Most audio courses have a link to an online questionnaire that, once approved, gives you access to a CE certificate for your files.

You may prefer to fit into the study course among clients in the office. An online course may be right for you. Online counseling course work generally means finding an appropriate course provided by a national or state approved board or association. Once you have found the right course, simply sign up for the online course. Once you submit your information, you will gain access to the course reading material and any other homework or assignments for the class. You end up passing on the questionnaire and getting your certificate.

The last option, which may seem a little closer to the traditional classroom experience, is the telephone course. Participants in this course generally sign up to be part of a phone call involving the keynote speaker and the subject that is, as well as other counselors listening to continuing education credits. This call may be open so you can discuss ideas and ask questions, however it is sometimes offered as a closed conference call.

Whichever method of continuing education counseling you choose, you can be sure that if you spend time researching, you will find the best option for you. There are a large number of companies, institutions and web publications that offer CEU courses and course certificates. Find a suitable combination for your lifestyle and wallet. Being well versed in the CEU world can give you a better understanding of continuing education in general.

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