Currently, a large number of businesses are on the internet through sites and social networks. Websites serve as a means of making themselves known to a greater number of people, while social networks are used mainly in marketing strategies. It is no surprise that there are businesses that only exist in digital form, as is the case with many startups and online stores.

These stores do not have a physical address, but allow users around the world to make purchases. The online shopping model has been quite successful in recent years and even stores that do have a physical address have decided to devote a section of their page to online sales.

Since users not only access the internet from computers, but also from their mobile devices, it is important to consider the techniques and ways to optimize the online store experience on these devices. Here, we focus on the product photographs and we offer some tips to improve the presentation of these photographs on mobile devices.

Do not lower the quality of the photographs
Just because the screen space is smaller on mobile devices does not mean that you should stop considering the quality and resolution of the photographs. In any online store, users appreciate that quality photographs are included so that they can better visualize the product. In fact, even if they surf from a computer, it is quite likely that they decide to use the zoom functions on the products that they want to purchase. In mobile devices, this situation is much more common, so be sure to consider the quality of the photographs in the mobile version of your online store.

Place more than one product photo
Since the products that your client wishes to purchase cannot be seen or touched, a large part of the purchase decision is based on the photographs to which the user has access in the online store. For this reason, it is not a good decision to limit the photographs to only one or two. This does not imply that you have to place 30 images of each product. Excellent presentation of your online photos in your online store can be carried out by app development companies
The general recommendation is to include 5 to 10 photographs for each product, each at different angles and perspectives. This is an option that you can even put into practice when you are taking alone pictures of the product or when you decide to use models: you only have to pay attention to certain important details of the clothes. Maybe it has some special design or embroidery, some lace on the back, etc. Any type of detail that the clothes have would be ideal to include as a kind of zoom in certain photographs.

Include photographs with models
In certain cases, it is necessary that you include models in your photographs, particularly if you sell some kind of clothes or shoes. Although it is not common, this can also occur in products such as backpacks or purses. However, in clothes, it is essential that you include models. A large part of the purchase decision is made based on the photographs that are included in the online store. Since the user cannot see or touch the product, he must be able to see it through the photographs. For this reason, including model photographs is essential when it comes to clothing. The user cannot properly visualize what a certain garment really looks like if he does not see it on any person.

Consider adding product videos
Apart from including photographs, you can add videos of the products for users who are interested. Web videos are resources that have several advantages and many chances of success because people are attracted to it. It is one of the most popular media, so you can take advantage of it by using it in your online store and improve the percentage of users and customers interested in a particular product.

Videos that summarize or highlight features of a certain product are usually much more common when it comes to digital products, but you can also apply this strategy to physical products.

Maintain consistency
It is also necessary to consider that a certain coherence is maintained in the product images. Although it is positive to include options to visualize the product in different colors, it is better for all the photographs of all the angles are of the same product. Once the user selects the color, he/she will be able to visualize the same series of photographs in the specific color. Also, you should consider the background, size, and lighting of your photographs. Each of these characteristics must be kept consistent in each group of photographs that you upload. Although it may not seem like simple views, all these details allow the user to navigate more easily so do not feel confused when viewing images in different sizes or colors.

In conclusion
Although mobile devices may have limited features compared to a computer, it does not imply that you should neglect the design for these devices. In fact, due to the user’s own expectations and the increased use of mobile devices, you should try to offer a similar experience on computers and mobile phones.

In an online store, the impact of the photographs is much more evident, since it is largely these images that influence the decision of the users. Excellent presentation of your online photos in your online store can be carried out by app development companies.