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Business printing is a lot like preparing for an important presentation. You want to show that you put enough thought and care into how you present yourself and your company. Whether you are considering leaflets, letterheads, flyers, business cards or larger materials such as posters printed by A0 printing machines, print media is an essential aspect of a business marketing strategy. We need, however, to lower corporate printing costs due to several reasons.


Here are some tips and resources for professional printing to help instill confidence in your clients and business prospects.


1. Start Monitoring Usage

It’s common knowledge in the printer service business that office print volumes drop by 10% if people believe their usage is being monitored. Studies also show that roughly 20% of what gets printed never gets used. With new monitoring software, you can see who’s printing what, and at what device. We call it “Print Monitoring Software” and it’s easy to add to any networked device.


2. Paper stock

The range of paper stocks available is huge and factors such as opacity, colour, texture and weight will all affect the look of the finished printed item as well as the cost. Depending on what your print is for, the look and feel of it will project a certain image which needs to fit with your objectives. Another consideration is the weight if you’re posting items out.


3. Make Use of Both Sides

We can manage to cut by half the costs of paper and ink simply by using both front and back sides of the papers. Ensure your computer printing defaults are set to print double-sided. When you make copies, try to use both sides of the paper if possible. If there’s any unused paper that has been printed on only one side, you could use the other side in your fax machine. You could also use it to make draft copies or as scratch paper.


4. Find the adequate ink

Selecting the appropriate ink as well as toner for the job will have an enormous impact. There are several printer models that have compatible ink and toner options that work as well as manufacturer products, but for much less. Using toner and ink that is actually compatible is a very practical way corporations can save some pounds without loosing that needed print quality for their files and documents, specifically for personal printers. And on top of everything they’re eco-friendly! The practice of purchasing branded cartridges when there is no need to do so is a totally unnecessary expense.


5. Eco-printing

In case your printing machine comes with eco-friendly printing features, these can help save the planet. These eco-friendly features will reduce the amount of power utilised by the machine, consequently cutting the cost-per-page. Where possible, turn all these eco-friendly options on to save some pounds as well as the environment.


6. Minimising usage

When you have already chosen the printer that is ideal for your business, the next step will be to assess how printing is used within your office. When you minimise waste, you can minimise costs as well. Think about training staff on how to use cloud-based collaborative platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive within their teams. These programs allow for document sharing and collaboration in real time, without incurring the costs of printing or using up paper.


7. Utilising print preview

Using a technique called “Print Preview” can help you save some pounds and it is very frequently forgotten by users. It displays with accuracy how the outcome will look like, and on top of that it is extremely simple to select just the parts you need to print. Also, this helps the printed documents to have only the required content.


Printing is just vital for your firm. However, there isn’t an actual need to rack up the cost of printing unnecessarily. Taking into account you operational costs, the firm might be spending millions every year. Thus, think about this: can we save some pounds on printing? It does not necessarily mean you are going to stop the usage of paper instantaneously. Rather of doing this, you can just make some amendments when it comes to different aspects and therefore your printing will be more efficient and definitely have a lower impact on the environment.


The rising popularity of hand held and portable electronics led some to predict that paper usage and paper waste would decrease. In actuality, demand is steady and paper continues to be a top waste product for businesses. On average, fifty percent of business waste is composed of paper.


The challenge for most is understanding where we need to start. To get you started and to help you save time and money, you might find the above tips to be very useful.

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