While there are a lot of career options for students, one of the noblest ones is serving the nation. And there are lots of ways to do that but serving as an IAS is one of them. Many people aspire to join the IAS from a very early age and that is when they decide to start preparing for it. Preparing for the IAS is no cakewalk and that is why aspiring candidates join IAS classes and start their prep early. Wise IAS is one of the leading classes offering the best coaching for IAS and today we will be looking at some of the most important tips that will help you make the most of your preparation and increase your chances of making it to the finals.


  1. Start early: Well, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Many IAS candidates start off very late and waste a lot of their precious years before they actually start doing what they want to. The minimum age criteria for IAS prelims is 21 years and the candidates require graduation, but final year students can apply for the test and get a provisional pass if selected. Based on their final results, they can further proceed with the process. So if you are a final year student, don’t wait for the degree and start your preparation today.


  1. Time management: Another very important factor to understand is the limited availability of time. While there are students who take a year off to solely focus on the prep, not everyone can afford to do the same. Understanding your responsibilities like a job and managing the time left is very important. Dedicating more quality time is important rather than quantitative time.


  1. Read Read Read: Well, we are not just talking textbooks and novels but newspapers and magazines. IAS tests the candidates on various factors and being updated on the current affairs lists very highly on the list. The only source to gain knowledge about current affairs is through newspapers and magazines. Learn about the on-going events in the country and the world as they will play a major role in scoring those much-needed marks. Additionally, give a lot of importance to editorials and op-eda as they double up in improving your language skills as well.


  1. Consult with successful candidates: while getting access to the previous achievers and successful candidates might not be an option for everyone, there are tonnes of resources on the internet that will give you access to interviews and tips from the previous year’s achievers, especially toppers. Make sure to understand the mistakes they committed and working on those as you prepare for your exam.


  1. Practice Writing: In the examination, writing speed plays a very important role since the mains are subjective. Throughout your preparation, make sure that you practice writing to improve your chances of finishing the examination in time.


So if you are an aspiring IAS candidate looking for the best coaching for IAS look no more because Wise IAS offers coaching classes to help you make the most of your prep. Contact us and increase your chances.