A wedding venue can be many things, but for most weddings, it means space for ceremonies, functions and receptions. When it comes to shortlisting a great venue to host weddings and celebrations, fortunately, Gurgaon offers some great options. But to choose the dream wedding venue that perfectly suits your choice and taste can seem like a daunting task. From selecting the catering service and finalizing the food menu to deciding the right wedding venue, the hosting of a dream wedding can be absolutely overwhelming.

To help reduce your stress-levels, we’ve put together a few important points that you should ask yourself when considering resort from so many options in gurugram resorts.

1.Does the venue fit the idea of ​​the perfect wedding?

Deciding on the wedding venue is the first step in planning the wedding. But before zeroing in on a venue, it is important to be clear about the kind of wedding you want – a close relationship or a grand? If it is going to be a grand luxurious venue, the open lawns or a resort-like setting? Also, do you intend to use a specific theme for your celebration or if you want to mix it in a simple family? Once you are sure of your wedding preferences, start shortlisting some banquets, halls and clubs to find a wedding resort in Gurgaonthat perfectly aligns with your tastes and budget.

2.Is there another wedding party scheduled at the same time in the adjacent hall / garden?

Typically, wedding resorts entertain two or three ceremonies simultaneously at another hall or venue. This not only causes confusion among guests, but can also disrupt your own privacy. Therefore, before you finalize the venue, it is important that you ask the coordinator some questions such as how many weddings or functions they usually decide on a day and how far away they are from each other, etc. Also see if there are other marriages or not. Or parties at their hotel / club on your wedding day.

3.Do they offer any complementary space / room when you book the venue?

This is important, especially if you have planned back-to-back functions on the same day and at the same location. You or your guests will definitely need a private room for themselves where they can relax for a while or get ready for the next ceremony. You can always check or request a venue coordinator to provide a private room on the day of your function.

4 What facilities are available at the venue?

Before you finalize a wedding venue in Gurgaon, it is important to find out if the place you shortlisted has enough parking space for wedding guests. If you would arrange a Bachelor party, resorts in gurugram with swimming pool will be the best choice for you. Also, find out what facilities will be included with the resort. Will they arrange services like catering services, décor, music, lighting, etc.because if the resort does not give you the facilities that will make your wedding easier, then this is when you see another venue.

5.Are any construction or landscape changes planned at the venue before your wedding?

It is possible that you have a management team at the place where you have planned to change some scenario before your wedding day. Make sure that their plans do not match your wedding date.


Thus, with the help of the above mentioned tips, you will definitely be able to find out the best wedding resort. Afterall, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, it has to be grand!