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When dealing with electricity, it is essential to ensure all the safety precautions and above all, use quality products that best work in the situation. There are times when you need to connect electric wires, and you cannot certainly use your ordinary tapes and expect it to provide you with superior safety. You must have heard about electric tapes that are ideally used for materials that conduct electricity. They are made with plastic, but vinyl is the most popular material used to make electrical tapes. Vinyl is stretchable and has a long-lasting material that is exceptionally stretchable and gives an effective.

There are wide range of electrical tapes available in the market that are specialized for different purposes. Electrical tapes are widely used for plenty of purposes. There are colours on the electrical tapes indicating the voltage level and phase of the wire. You can also buy 3m electrical tapes that are considered as the ideal form of electrical tapes that you can use for extra safety.

Tips To Use Electrical Tapes In The Best Way - Shindustrialneeds

Don’t Replace it With Wire Nuts

When you are wiring light switches, junction boxes or even outlets, it is advised not to use electrical tape as a connection insulator. These wires are not permitted to lay lose due to its solid, constant connection. Electric tapes are not ideally designed for such purposes you can use electrical connectors for such application. Never, in any circumstances use electrical tapes in replacement of wire nuts.

Use Single Wire Cord Or Wire Damage

Though 33+ rates electrical tape can be possibly used to handle the minor cord or wire damage, it is advised not to use on the cracks or frays that are specifically electrical wire. In case the wire is cracked, and the inner insulation is perfectly intact, you can possibly use the electrical tape as the safer option. Furthermore, it is advised not to cover an electrical tape wire with a rugged cloth or flammable material.

Don’t Cover With Insulation

If you are using electrical tape to offer heat to the water pipes in the winter, it is advised not to cover the electrical tape with insulation. It is extremely important for electrical heat tape that is used in insulating hot water pipes. You need to understand that the tapes are hot enough that if they are covered with flammable insulation, you can spread an aisle for a fire hazard.

Don’t Buy It From The Surplus Store

It is essential to understand that you need to buy the premium quality electrical tapes that can best justify your needs and adhere to your requirements. It is essential to understand the even the best electrical tape in the market has a minimum shelf life of five years. Hence, it is advised not to buy from a surplus store that offers poor quality electrical wire that will hardly provide you with the authentic efficiency. The surplus storehouses old tape that can lead to several hazards. To avoid such situations, you would need to get hands-on the ideal products.

Stretch The Tap When You Wrap

One of the ideal tips to maintain the long life of the electrical tape is to stretch it while wrapping it around the concerned area. When you are applying the electric cord to the affected area, you need to pull the tape while covering it around. This way, you can ensure better hold on the field and provide more insulation. It is advised not to let it loose while applying. So, you need to stretch it a little bit while wrapping it around.

Use Dielectric Spray

When you are using the electric tape on sensitive connectors, it is better to spray some dielectric spray on the tapped area. You need to apply a clear coat of dielectric spray that will help to protect and sealing the area and offer more insulation. When you are applying the layer of spray, make sure there is no power supply to the wire or cable by any means.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt in asserting that electrical tapes are certainly the most effective highly safe tapes to use for materials with electrical conductivity. It one of the common object that must be present in your toolbox. This tape can be used for many purposes, from attaching your electrical cables to preventing pipes from freezing, these tapes can do possibly everything. The amazing properties of electrical tape make it a common choice for all the adhesive related requirements.

While there is denying the fact that electrical tapes are the efficient form of tapes to use for different purposes, it is essential to understand some of the ideal ways to use it in order to ensure its functionality. The above mentioned were some of the tips that you must keep handy to keep using the electrical tapes in the safest and efficient manner.

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