In 2020, every company has understood the importance of customer relationship management due to customer success strategy. Every relationship is based on trust. When you commit to business with a customer, you have to keep their trust and confidence in you intact. This confidence and trust are what forms the base for customer relationship management. Software as a service or SaaS companies bank heavily on customer retention. With heavy competition around, the chances of losing customers are higher than ever.

While SaaS and tech companies try various tactics to keep their customers, it is necessary to choose a good strategy. Reducing churn or the rate of cancellation is the prima motive of any company. This makes having a customer success strategy essential for growth.

What is Customer Success?

Customer success means constant customer engagement, better technology, and improved prospects. It starts immediately after the sale and continues till the association with the product. The pillars are communication, value, and transparency.

Customer success strategies offer great rewards and minimum risks. It bases on improving existing structures and practices. Here are 10 companies with the right customer success best practices which will spur growth.

1. Lua

A messaging service app that has recurring customers and less churn is Lua. The team has targeted higher management and moves to working with managers and executives. Crystal clear communication between clients is one of their key features. With customised materials for each client, the level of personalisation is high. Users also get forms to submit their feedback to estimate how the customer success program is. The flexibility of Lua makes it easy for customers to stay connected.

2. SmartKarrot

Who better to learn about customer success from than a customer success software provider? SmartKarrot is a customer success management software service company. SmartKarrot assists companies with customer success management. Customers get the right metrics, tools, and other cloud services to improve customer engagement. SmartKarrot is the fastest growing SaaS B2B provider in the customer success space. SmartKarrot uses core account intelligence to create buyer personas and ensure that the customer is hooked to the product.

3. Workday

The software company Workday has already been ranked due to its robust training, upskilling programs, and work culture. The company has a 98 percent customer satisfaction score. Customers are encouraged to give feedback on products, support, and more. Employees are also encouraged to find innovative ways to serve customers. Constant innovation also helps. The company is committed to sustainability and this makes customers feel invested with planet protection.

4. Chick-fil-A

One of America’s popular fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A has amazing customer service. It has scored laurels for its awesome customer service. Serving fresh food with focus on quality is what makes endearing to customers. The food chain has innovative technology to its advantage. There is a high-quality app which customers can use to order specially during rush hours. Employees get trained on multiple skills to advance their careers. This leads to loyalty and ensuring that customers keep coming back.

5. Slack

Popular communication company Slack has an extremely customer- centric strategy that ties with their product. Slack has a well-engineered strategy with focus on both employee and customer growth. Customer support teams are motivated to handle team queries and questions. Customer service works well to track customer feedback and concerns. Slack also has a high sustainability quotient with limited paper usage. Slack is used by B2B and B2C companies as well making it a preferred choice for clients.

6. Cratejoy

Cratejoy offers subscription businesses the feature to create their own website. It’s a one-stop shop to get a website. The subscribers are called merchants. They encourage clients to look at client retention as an important factor. The company has a $4 million funding because of their core importance to an effective business model. Cratejoy is empowering their clients and forging long-term relationships based on loyalty and trust.

7. GoDaddy

Another premium company that has a customer-centric focus is GoDaddy. The domain selling company is one of the largest in the world and still works to keep its customers. Excellent customer success initiatives are one of the reasons for their success. Customers across the globe get access to 24/7 customer support to solve their queries. This makes it possible for multiple businesses to function well.

8. CoBloom

Most SaaS businesses do well in the times of subscription economy. This has resulted in companies who help them grow thrive. CoBloom is one such company that provides data and insights to startups on growth. It reduces the costs of trial and error to improve the prospects of customers. They have a free trial so as to keep customers engaged and involved.

9. Insightly

Insightly is a CRM company that loves its customers. An Insightly customer success specialist is appointed by clients to handle every request and query. The company has a robust and easy onboarding policy designed for customer success. The company uses free trials and to encourage customers to buy the product. Each customer is allotted a specific specialist to make their customer experience better.

10. Natura

The cosmetics company based in Brazil is great for its customer efforts and sustainability. It is carbon neutral and paper-free. The company relies on mobile communication and helps customers get all the attention they need. Digital transformations and customer success are priority for the company. Through personalisation, the company has improved its customer satisfaction and experience.

Best Customer Success Strategy is Necessary for Company Growth

For a company to be truly customer-centric, they must focus on all aspects of customer success. An effective customer success strategy can be helpful in improving customer management. If the focus of any company is to further improve the lives of customers and communities, then success is further guaranteed. Customer engagement will improve the sales and marketing efforts as well. The importance of customer success is paramount and companies that have realised this are growing. Personalisation of the customer journey will make them feel more engaged and connected with the experience and stay loyal.