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Car Repair

Dubai – the city of gold is also considered as the destination of distinction. From roads being so clean to tourist places being so beautiful, from people being so amazing to having the best rules and regulations in the world, Dubai has nailed it in everything. And to live a lavish and perfect life in this perfect city, a car is a must-have in Dubai. And When you have a car, obviously a car repair is a must.

But you will be shocked to know that most of the people in Dubai prefer a used car rather than buying a new car of their own to make their daily commute easy. Besides driving through scrubbed clean roads, people also enjoy the thrill of driving off-road. Therefore, people often face a mechanical breakdown in the middle of nowhere, and easily get roadside assistance and/or call a tow truck.  But what if you’re home and your car shows mechanical breakdown? So, here below are the top 10 technical assistance that would help you to start your car without looking for any car repair nearby. 

Top 10 Technical Guides for Your Car Repair


  • Look for proper lifting points:



A car can be of any weight. This heavy pound piece of machinery can fall on top of you if you go under a vehicle that is not elevated properly. The proper lifting points are the locations where you place the jack to lift your car and where the jack stands are placed to keep it elevated. 



  • Check on the Coolant 



Don’t open the cooling system when the engine is hot. After your engine cools down, make sure to lightly touch the radiator cap to test it. If it’s still hot, then don’t open it else it can shoot a six-foot geyser into the air and burn any skin it contacts. 



  • Examine your car’s belt & hoses



If a belt screeches while driving then be sure that your car is having a  problem with belt tension. Most of the cars have automatic belt tensioners which would keep the belt at the appropriate tension. As the pattern varies for different cars, it’s better to consult a workshop manual for the proper methods for checking belt tension. Any variation from the hose to hose would mark as an indication to a problem. You can use a cooling system pressure tester to pressurize the cooling system and check swollen hoses. Make sure not to exceed the indicated pressure that is written on the top of the radiator cap. 



  • Observe the  Crankshaft Position


Firstly, you need to check if there is a loose wire connecting sensors to the power control module. Take the support of the Crankshaft position sensor which would help you find the issue with the crankshaft. This tracks the rotational speed of the crankshaft.


  • Any Issue with Ignition Module? 


Are you unable to start your car? Check the ignition modules. Only a transistor can help these switching devices by controlling current flow and switching on and off with an ignition coil.


  • A Problem with Ignition Coil


You must have come across such situations when your car stops working after running for some time.  A faulty ignition coil is a sign of such a problem. Due to the increase in the module’s temperature, this problem arises. But it works once it is cooled down.


  • Cracked Distributor Cap


Check whether the inside or outside of the distributor cap has some dirt. It has to be corrosion-free and should not have any cracks in it.


  • Faulty Ignition Switch


The ignition switch is the weakest part of your car’s ignition system. When you switch on the engine, the dashboard lights bright up. If they fail to light up, know that it’s a sign of a bad ignition switch.

  •  Change the spark plugs

They are the tiny devices inside the cylinder that create sparks and help your car engine to start. What if it fails to ignite a spark someday? Don’t worry as fixing it is easy. For that you need to follow these three easy steps :

a) locate your spark plugs

b) remove the spark plug wire

c) remove the faulty spark plug

d) insert the new spark plug

e)put the wire back.

  • Change your oil and oil filter

The key to running your car is oil. It serves as a lubricant which helps the engine parts of your car from grinding against each other. Your engine may get damaged if motor oil is not changed regularly due to the accumulation of contaminants. Most of you are often confused with which oil to use. Be it petroleum-based or synthetic based, as long as the oil meets the service and the requirements, you can use any type of oil you want.


Who doesn’t want their car to be in tip-top shape? After all, a car is considered to be a man’s evolutionary development. For some, a car is just an important extension for their house while for many it’s the best way to enjoy the beautiful sights of Dubai.


So next time when your car breaks down, you can get your car back to its tip-top shape with the help of one of the leading automotive maintenance companies in Dubai which not only gives you quality services but would also give you the ultimate driving experience. Yes, its ZDEGREE – where luxury service meets every price. So why wait for? Drive your way to ZDEGREE- the best car repair garage in Dubai and have a sheer driving pleasure on the roads of Dubai.


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