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Blogging isn’t like a one-time investment and it requires consistency. No matter if you own a decade old blog or just have started blogging a few months ago, you need to be consistent and active for achieving expected results.

In our blogging journey, a time comes when you start losing readers and customers. The ranking and traffic of your blog start decreasing and you find yourself helpless. Your blog or website seems to be like inactive and thus you must look for the ways to make it active again.

Today here in this post we are going to discuss the top 10 tips to make your blog active again in 2019. If you think your blog has become dead then I am sure you will find it useful.

Blogging isn’t easy as it looks and that’s why many people quit after some time. It is possible that you may not get enough success at the beginning because blogging needs time and patience. By implementing better strategies you can achieve your blogging goals.

1. Make your Website/Blog Accessible to Every Device Possible


The world is changing every day and people are getting fond of new devices and gadgets every next day. Gone are the days when your web pages were accessible only through desktops.

These days your audience may access your blog through his/her smartphone, tablet, notebook or even through a smart TV. If your blog is not rendered according to multiple devices it will be almost impossible to reach the masses resulting in low traffic and conversions.

2. Republish Old Content

The blogging algorithms change constantly with time. It means that a blog published a year ago may not be enough applicable anymore and need to be updated. You must take care of the old contents and republish it with adding more values and information.

Republishing also helps you in fixing broken links and helps you in getting better ranking on search engines. When you republish content a clear message goes to your readers that you are active, consistent and want to keep the things updated.

Few benefits of republishing content featured below:

  • Add more value to your blog
  • Get more social media shares and attention
  • Boost search engine ranking
  • You get more benefits while spending less

3. Make it Simple and Digestible


No matter how much effort you have put in creating your blog posts, if it isn’t understandable to your readers it is almost useless. Try to create content in such a way that even first-time readers can understand it easily.

Make an effort to explain the whole thing in a simple language and tone. Easy digestible content grabs more attention and has more chances of getting organic shares.

Top tips to make content more understandable:

  • Skip big and less used words
  • Do good research before writing
  • Know your audience and write accordingly
  • Speak clearly and of course slowly
  • Keep the paragraphs small

4. Include Visual and Audible Content

The world of content has been changed a lot and these days a blog post consisting only texts will not please the readers and audience more. This era is the era of visuals and you must add relevant images, videos, and infographics to your blog.

You can also add podcasts and other audible content to your blog posts. Doing these things will help you engage more with your audience.

Few benefits of using visual content

  • Visuals are memorable compared to other contents
  • Human eyes prefer visuals
  • It creates connection
  • Drive leads
  • Generate organic visibility

5. Never Underestimate Social Media


Social media has become so much powerful that many bloggers and internet marketers are earning their living from social media alone. If your blog is not on social media then it will be proved a disaster.

It doesn’t matter if your website or blog doesn’t have a high search engine ranking, you can drive a lot of traffic and revenue from just from social media. You won’t believe but there are 20 million+ small businesses only on Facebook.

Those who have understood the power of social media are making a great effort to get benefitted from it. There are dozens of social media networks and other related platforms where you can promote your blog for almost no cost.

6. Be Helpful

Being helpful through your worthy content will help you achieve new heights of relations with your readers, customers, and audience. Make sure to solve the problems of your readers and if they ask they come with any problem, try to figure out those problems if possible.

Creating content that match your reader’s needs is one of the best ways to build loyal and strong readership. Look through the comments and provide answers if any important question asked there.

Offer freebies to be more helpful to your readers:

  • eBooks
  • Expert advice
  • To-do lists
  • Roundups
  • Offer checklists and cheat sheets
  • Useful tools etc

7. Stay Updated, Say Something New


It doesn’t matter whatever your niche is, you have to say something new. It is possible that many other bloggers and content creators are working on the same blog topic you are currently writing on.

The world of blogging is crowded enough and you need to stand high in this crowd. Being a part of the crowd won’t help you anymore. Stay updated, create original content and make an effort to build a unique image among your readers.

8. Create Goals and Stick to Them

For achieving goals you need to set your goals first. Most people start blogging just because they see others doing the same and enter the world of blogging without any goal and motive.

Creating goals is easy, sticking to them is difficult. Whenever we don’t achieve expected results we think of quitting and most people quit easily. Failures happen but it does not mean everything has finished. You need to figure out the mistakes and try again and again.

9. Offer Best Quality Content


Never, ever compromise with the quality of your blog’s content. Creating quality may be a time-consuming process but your efforts will pay you later.

Many people are also using spun content these days but are unaware of the consequences. Your website may get penalized for using spun or copied content and that is not going to help you anyway.

10. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success and you can win the game of blogging with only consistency and hard work. It may be possible to get depressed and feel down after not getting the results expected but you have to move on and get to your work.

Few ways to be more consistent at blogging:

  • Identify your tasks
  • Organize those tasks
  • Work on the go
  • Use portable devices for performing blogging tasks even smartphones
  • Create a publishing schedule

Bottom Line:

A dead blog is not going to give you anything. If you think the blog’s traffic has been reduced over time you must look for effective ways to make your blog more active. The tips provided here will also help you in doing the same.

You can look for more tips and ways online and also get advice from fellow bloggers. You must create a habit to get benefited from other experiences and never hesitate to ask for help if needed from the experts and other bloggers.

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