So now that you have finally decided to give up on your junk food then why not follow a diet that can help you achieve the body goals which you have dreamed of.

We all know this pretty well that the combination of proper exercise and diet can assist you to attain that goal of yours quickly. Now there are many diet plans that claim to be effective and beneficial for weight-loss but how many of them actually work?

So instead of experimenting on your own, it is recommended to visit a private clinic for nutrition and diet that will help you to choose the apt diet for you. Now if you need to educate yourself regarding the distinct diets beforehand then this blog is just for you.

Read more to find out the top trending diets that are followed majorly by several diet fanatics and recommended by top nutritionists as well.

  • Whole30

This type is considered to be an elimination diet where it helps an individual to find out how can food have an impact on them mentally and physically. The core of this diet involves you to eat nothing except fruits, veggies, meat, and nuts for 30 days exactly.

This basically means you have to eliminate the daily intake of sugar, dairy products, oats, alcohol, and quinoa. You’ll notice a major transformation at the end of this Whole30 diet. However, the doctor’s consultation is highly suggested before you go on with this diet plan.

  • Mediterranean Diet

Now, this diet plan has garnered a lot of popularity among the population. The primary reason for this hype was because of a study conducted in 2013 by the New England Journal of Medicine that stated the risk of stroke and heart attack significantly reduces following the Mediterranean Diet.

This diet says you to follow a plant-based food habit and lean protein intakes such as chicken and fish. It is really the simplest diet plan among others. So why not give this diet a try as it is not so hard to follow.

  • Keto Diet

By now you may have heard about this diet at least once in your lifetime. Keto or Ketogenic Diet is well-known for its massive weight-loss transformations.

However, it is one of the most difficult diet regimes to be followed. The core of this diet is to reduce your carb intake significantly so that your body is forced to a ketosis state. Your body will burn fat for energy since the level of carbohydrate is tremendously less.

Even though the results after the diet are pretty impressive, the nutritionist do not recommend Keto Diet as it cannot be followed for a long-term basis.

  • DASH

Well, this diet plan was originally developed by doctors to reduce high blood pressure, therefore, got it’s name as Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH).

This doctor-backed diet plan help you prevent heart risks and can even be effective for losing weight. One of the best things about this diet is that there is no hard and fast rule for this diet.

Doctors say you do not require to eliminate any sort of food group. All you got to do is to follow an overall healthy diet and that’s all.

Now you have some basic knowledge about some of the most common yet trendy diet plans, it is time for you to visit a nutritionist or a private clinic. Since no diet will work unless you have proper guidance from a professional.