One problem that many car owners can repeatedly experience is overheating thanks, in part, to either their aging cars and their negligence to take care of their vehicles. Overheating is one issue that can cause significant damages to the car’s engines and pose a hazard to the driver. One more problem that drivers can face is a hot interior that can make the driving experience uncomfortable at the very least.

Car owners can keep their cars from suffering from heating issues in various ways.

One cause for a hot interior is sunlight that penetrates the windows and heats up and damages the inside of the car. Car owners can keep the sun from affecting their vehicles by installing car window tints to reduce the heat of the sun that enters the vehicle. An additional benefit of having car window tint films installed on the car is being protected from the harmful UV rays while making the car look more elegant.

Another way to keep a car from getting affected by the sunlight is by parking inside the garage or a tree’s shade. An alternative method to prevent sunlight from entering the vehicle when no shade is available is by using a car cover.

A car can also get hot when not enough air is entering the vehicle due to dirty car filters, even though the air conditioner is on the coldest setting. Dirty car filters prevent the air from entering the car due to the accumulated dirt blocking the air’s pathway. Car owners should make sure that they have clean car filters at all times and to replace them when they get too dirty.

A hot summer day can heat up the car’s interior, and one way that drivers tend to cool their vehicles before driving is by turning the air conditioner on and letting the inside cool down. Pre-cooling a car is not a cost-efficient way to keep a car cool since it wastes the driver’s time and gas. A more efficient way to cool the car down is by opening the windows for ten to twenty seconds to let the heat out, closing them, and then turning the air conditioner on.

Car owners should also check on their engines to keep them from overheating. A car’s engine must remain cold at all times to make sure that it won’t become a hazard on the road. Owners must also check the water regularly.

For more information on how to keep a car cool, check out this infographic by Global Tint USA.