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Whether it is the receding hairline and bald spot due to genetic factors or hair loss because of medical reasons, loss of those precious hairs can be devastating for anyone.


Since the reasons and patterns of hair loss are different for every individual, the market has provided you with an enormous amount of options to choose the best suitable hair system that will meet your needs.


So without further adieu, let’s do a deep dive into the sea of toupees!


People have been wearing wigs and wiglets/toupees since ancient times. Egyptians used to wear them to protect themselves from heat, and it was also used as a symbol of the social hierarchy they belong to. Different types of hair have been used to make them, but by far, human hair toupees look the most authentic of all.

The authenticity is not only dependent on the hair used to make them but also on the base of its stitching.

So basically there are five different types of toupee bases available, namely-

  • Full lace toupee
  • 360 lace toupee
  • Lace front toupee
  • Lace toupee
  • Traditional weft toupee

Full lace toupe

In this design, all the hair systems are hand made—Front, back, sides crown. Thousands of individual hair has been hand-sewn in the mesh by skilled artisans. It is the favourite choice of celebs and also for ladies who have lost all of her hair and have a sensitive scalp, the lack of weft and unnatural hair density makes it the most comfortable choice of all time.

360 lace toupee

These human hair toupees are half handmade and half machine-made. The front, back, and sides are handcrafted to make the hairline look completely natural. If you want to tie your up, then make sure your toupee has a 360 lace

Lace front toupee

This hair system has the lace only on the front. The lace part is handmade to give a natural look to the toupee. This system is the best for women who have lost their hairline. They are very delicate and must be taken care of. The lace can also loosen over time, which is not a big deal since it can be fixed easily by your stylist.

Lace toupee

This toupee is half hand made, and half machine made just like the 360 lace toupee. The main difference is the crown part is handmade rather than the hairline. So you can part and style the crown and not the other parts since they are machine-made

Traditional weft toupee

These are the regular wigs or wiglets with wefts made of satin, silk, cotton, or any such material and are machine sewn together to give a look like natural hair is growing out of all directions. These toupees are cheap, but weft can be uncomfortable and irritating, and therefore people also use PU skin as a base to make them as comfortable and affordable as possible.

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