Philadelphia is known for being a great city for all ages and tastes. It is the largest city in the United States and is dubbed as the birthplace of America. Philly is one of the most historic cities in America and a great place to spend a weekend. Philadelphia offers a unique setting for a wide mix of people. It offers some of the top educational, healthcare, and cultural institutions in the world. One of the most prestigious institutes of America, the University of Pennsylvania is situated in Philadelphia. It was the nation’s first medical school. Philadelphia is America’s largest health education and research center and has several general and specialized schools. More than 20% of the total population of Philadelphia is working in the health care sector and because of that, there is a high demand for medical scrubs in the region. Scrubs are designed to be simple, easy to launder, and cheap to replace if damaged or stained irreparably. They should be made of the most perfect material and should make life for the medical personnel easy and enable them to perform their duties without any hassle. We’ve done a thorough research for you and made a list of the top 5 places to buy medical scrubs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that offer the best quality and the best rates.


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The field of medicine requires its personnel to always be on their toes, be rational and be calm and composed and come out on top in pressure situations. understands how difficult the life of a medical personnel is and because of that they provide these dedicated men and women with the right type of apparel that keeps them comfortable and supports them throughout the day. This attitude has made one of the leaders of the industry and amassed a large number of returning customers. Light, breezy, comfortable yet sturdy, the medical scrubs that offers are of exceptionally high quality. They run each product through a strict quality check and so ensure that each of their products is absolutely perfect. They house some of the most amazing brands in their inventory such as Carhartt, Cornerstone, Harriton, Wonderwink, etc. ApparelnBags provides numerous styles, colors, sizes, and quantities to cater to the needs of everyone no matter what the requirements. They offer same-day shipping, which means you get your orders delivered at your home the very same day. All you have to do is simply place the order by noon according to Eastern Time. They waive off all the shipping charges for all orders that exceed $149. In addition to all that they offer free returns and exchange. maintains a high level of customer service standards and always puts its customers first. They have an excellently trained staff that is available 24/7 to cater to the query of is customers. Lastly, they offer a good reward system for loyal customers. You can even earn rewards by paying your order in full by the previously accumulated reward points.


Address:  9341 Krewstown Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19115, USA

ScrubHaven is a family-owned medical uniform shop serving medical professionals since 2005. It was originally known as Drexel Healthcare Supplies and was revamped in 2017 and named ScrubHaven. Its mission is to provide high-quality fashionable scrubs. To serve that purpose they have added numerous big names in their inventory such as Landau, Urbane, Cherokee, Dickies and many more. Their customer support team is very helpful and co-operative and their response time towards queries is low. They treat each customer with immense respect and care. ScrubHaven operates all 7 days of the week, the timing, 10 am to 9 pm. For any other information that you may want to inquire, you can contact their services department by email, direct call, or by filling out their form online.

Scrub Pro Uniforms

Address:  Adams Plaza 817, 819 Adams Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124, United States

Scrub Pro Uniform is another famous name in the medical scrub industry. Scrub Pro Uniform is known in the market for delivering high quality scrubs and maintains a very good standard of customer care. They boast a massive inventory that has quite a few top quality brands such as Carhartt, Cherokee, WonderWink, Heart2Heart, etc. They take care of their customers and treat them with a lot of respect and genuinely try to please each and every individual that enters the store. They have a good 30days return policy. They operate throughout the week. The timings being Monday to Saturday, 9 am – 8 pm and on Sundays 10 am – 7 pm. For any more detail, you can contact their services department by email, direct call, or by filling out their form online.

Affordable Uniforms

Address:  2617 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA 19020, USA

Affordable Uniforms opened its doors in 1995 and since then, just like the name suggests has been providing medical scrubs at low affordable rates. The reason for their success has been their dedication and drive to provide good quality scrubs at super affordable rates. Affordable Uniforms do not have a huge quantity like the others but does provide some good brands such as Dickies, WonderWink, and Nursemate. The individuals they have hired are very nice and polite and handle every customer with a lot of respect, which makes the customers come again and again. They operate throughout the week. The timings being Monday to Saturday, 10 am – 8 pm and on Sundays 11 am – 5 pm. For further details, you can contact their services department by email, direct call, or by filling out their form online.

Tips Uniforms

Address:  117 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

Tips Uniforms has been serving and satisfying its customers for nearly 40 years. There are no secret formulas that make Tips Uniforms one of the best. Sound business practices and a penchant for providing our customers with excellent service differ them and make them better than a lot of stores in the market. They are prompt and pay attention to each and every detail. They are always willing to go the extra mile to please their customers. They operate 5 days a week. Monday to Friday, 10 am – 5:30 pm. For any queries, you can contact their services department by email, direct call, or by filling out their form online.