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Renovating an office space can be hard work. As many people share this space, differences in opinions and ideas mean that it is hard to reach a consensus. However, the physical work environment plays a vital role in how productive and happy employees are. It is why over the years, office spaces have undergone many changes ranging from cubicles to the present wave of having foosball tables in larger offices. Even small businesses now seek to improve physical spaces keeping employee well-being in mind. Thus, this article will highlight five renovation ideas for your small business office. 


1. Add some rugs


The first step to renovating a dull office space is to work with the colors present. Usually, office spaces tend to be monochromatic and tedious. However, you can quickly change this by adding some pops of color. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding some colorful rugs around the office. Rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

Hence, it should be easy to find one that fits the space and vibe of your office. You could add these rugs to demarcate certain relaxation spots around the office where colleagues can take a break and give it a more comfortable feeling. To such areas, you could also throw in some colorful pillows with playful patterns or maybe even a bean bag to add to the comfort. 


2. Place some plants around


It is not necessarily what people think of when they think of renovating their office. However, plants are an effective way to add a rustic feel to space. Some of your colleagues may have green fingers, and you could encourage them to take this idea forward. 


3. Lights

Proper lighting is essential for any productive space. Lights play a significant role in affecting our moods, and hence, improper lighting can reduce productivity. Apart from the standard tube or LED lighting, you could also place some modern floor lamps or opt for industrial style lighting in certain areas or next to specific pieces of furniture. It not only helps your office stand out but also gives the space a more modern tone. Employees can thus work in comfort and style, which is sure to improve their mood as well as productivity.  


4. Remodel the garage

Office garages tend to be everyone’s favorite dumping ground. Extra and unwanted materials usually end up in the garage leading to a lot of clutter. Sprucing up the garage can be an effective way to ensure that people start organizing the space in a better manner. There are several small areas you could tackle that could significantly improve the garage space. Getting together with colleagues and coworkers for this job may also help improve interpersonal bonds as well as the way people utilize the garage as this space.


5. Address the bare walls

When it comes to office spaces, monotonous walls often make space seem lifeless. Decorating the walls is one of the easiest ways by which you can brighten up the office and make it more employee-friendly. To begin with, you could choose to place mirrors around the office. Mirrors help make the room appear larger and hence opens up space. Office walls are also an excellent space to hang up pieces of art. The best part about this option is that local artwork is usually inexpensive, and by purchasing it, you would be supporting the craft in your area.

office decor

Picking art with color and placing them in black or white frames gives the office a classy appearance and ensures maximum utilization of space. It may even help spark some creativity amongst employees. Apart from artwork, putting up interactive pieces of items, such as a scratch-off world map poster, is a fun and creative way to deal with potential tasks. 



Renovating your office can work wonders for your productivity as well as improve the bond that you have with your coworkers. Sharing ideas and thoughts can also help improve understanding and can also help you sort out issues in a more positive manner. Hence, a beautiful office space goes beyond being visually appealing and helps to improve the office environment as a whole. Thus, we hope that this article provides you with some tips on how to improve office space. 

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