For the last couple of years, Android apps create a great impact in the world of technology. In fact, now it is become impossible for a brand to attain success without having a Smartphone presence. So, they hire an Android app development company to make the app efficient and professional. Moreover, they can make an intuitive app by understanding and prioritizing the requirements of the business and clients.

Being the most famous platform on demand, Android possesses the biggest share in the app industry. Consistent influence forces Android app development to undergo certain changes. Let’s have a look at the latest trends of mobile application development of this year from this blog.

Trends Which Dominate the Future World of Mobile App


  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the key essentiality of the mobile app development industry as it prominently engages a huge number of users to the app simultaneously. Due to its introduction and contribution these apps will engulf the market of conventional apps and dominate the future industry. With the innovation of the VR mobile apps, smartphone screens will go beyond your imagination.

The integration of VR technology makes the Android Application Development much more remarkable. Now Android app developers fully utilize the benefits of this notable technology is building apps. As it is on the beginning phase, they are giving their best effort to attain its requirements so that people can easily use it.

  1. Blockchain

Every digital transaction including monetary and finds transfer has become much easier with the introduction of mobile apps. Even it has eradicated the necessity of card and personal details for transferring the fund successfully. All the credit of digital transaction goes to Blockchain Technology.

Due to the rapid expansion of Android application trend, finance sector takes full advantage of it. Blockchain is reliable for protecting stored data and performed transaction. Even banking sectors have adopting this innovative trend as the transaction industry future.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is always the hottest trend of mobile application development by offering unique solutions with the help of the integration to the users. The apps’ user interface undergoes complete revolution by the use of machine learning. AI-featured apps provide better services and solutions to its targeted audience. It brings up significant changes as well which are discussed below:

  • Chatbots:

    Entirely depended on AI, this application helps in boosting user personalization. Support service has been improved by developing the direct interaction within the consumers and businesses. Now, 24/7 support services are offered with the help of the chatbot for the sake of the customers. By this way, a large number of consumers can get connected for enjoying the service simultaneously.

  • Search Experience:

    By integrating AI, users can easily look for any product via voice and images. So, app developers also integrate voice and app recognition features in mobile applications.

  1. Cloud Storage

In the world of app development, cloud storage may seem to be new whereas it greatly contributes to this development platform for the last few years. Apps loaded with the cloud features allow the user to store large data including high-resolution and video content with utmost freedom.

Otherwise, it consumes the space of the mobile devices. This trend attracts a large number of mobile users resulting in consistent rise. However, still the developers must analyze some crucial facts like;

  • Users can uninstall the app if the storage fails to sync directly from the cloud
  • By consuming a little amount of space apps can be more engaging and reliable
  • Installation of the space-consuming cloud-based apps is avoided by the users
  1. In-app Search Future

Along with time, mobile apps become everyday necessity without which people can’t think off a moment. But they only prefer to use apps which are coupled with quality features and time-to-time updates. In fact, the apps must be performed much similar to that of the regular website even with more engaging ability and speed.

The apps with in-app search features are experiencing more number of downloads and installation. In case any user fails to enjoy the feature that can be used in the website then more likely it will be turned down soon. It clearly indicates that the app needs certain improvements which must be done by the developers as earliest as possible for its huge success.


  • Is Mobile app the future?

Nowadays, most people spend their day on apps installed on their phone devices. This shows that advancements in the mobile apps and Smartphones somehow impacting the lives of the people. With the introduction of latest technologies renowned application development organizations can bring the much needed innovative solution for the sake of the people. Therefore, it is really reliable for defining the future.

  • What are some new mobile application development trends?

The latest mobile application development trends are mentioned below:

  • In-app Search Feature
  • Cloud Storage
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual Reality
  • Which technology is preferred for developing mobile apps?

A number of technologies are there available in the marketplace for developing mobile applications. Some notable amongst them are namely PhoneGap, React Native, Flutter and Swift.

  • Which software is primarily used for Android Application Development?

The process of Android App Development requires certain things such as libraries, tools, IDE, programming language and much more.

As you are already versed with the impeccable be your business benefits of these mobile app trends, developing an app for your business is really useful. It helps in an easy and long-time user engagement which will impact on directly.

While you are going to select within the top android app development companies in India ensure that they offer high-quality services. Moreover, they must possess every resource a brand wants to avail for an overall benefit to the business.