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The increasing competition and the limited seats in many renowned Colleges/Universities are making students who want to pursue medical in India to be a very difficult thing and with increasing expectations by our parents for getting us enrolled in any of the prestigious medical colleges in India is getting harder day by day.

But the fun fact is that some students now prefer to go abroad for studying MBBS due to ease of getting admission and getting enrolled in one of the best institutions in the world. In this way, students are experiencing a whole new life in addition to the quality of course for MBBS there. With the ease of getting a student loan to study abroad, a well-determined student can easily work out part-time jobs there to repay the loan before completing their MBBS degree. So, if you are interested to study abroad here is a list of 6 countries that might be a good alternative to Indian medical colleges.


With increasing development in China. The government of China is also focusing on the Health & Medicine Research and development, for that they have several colleges/universities that are providing a high-earned MBBS degree for the students from all over the world. Some of them include Jiangsu University, Ningbo University, China Medical University, and many students also prefer to study MBBS In China due to some of the specialized courses that are only available in China and the ease of getting jobs in India who have done MBBS in China.


The Philippines is one of the few countries that provide good quality education with cheap fees. The cheap fees don’t compromise the quality of education the universities of the Philippines provide for MBBS. Some of the renowned universities/colleges are AMA School of Medicine, Bicol Christian College


The UK has several prestigious universities that are worth investing in for your career as a doctor. To get admissions in these universities, you must clear the UKCAT exams. The institutions in the UK also provide a beneficial course of the foundation for MBBS programs that helps students get ready for their learning in further years.


With India being a good ally to Russia, it is easy to apply for good universities in Russia with only 50% Minimum criteria required in the 12th standard. Top-class education which is comparable to European standard universities is offered by many Russian Universities like Kuban State Medical University, Mordovia State University, and Northern State University and with the increasing growth of good quality doctors that Russia is producing is one of the main reasons of choosing a college in Russia for MBBS.


A well-defined education system with regular advancement of the course and a perk of many job opportunities in the USA. It is one of the best options to opt for MBBS in other countries if you are searching for a university to do MBBS in other countries. The only thing which works as a disadvantage is the high fees in universities. Some of the major universities in the USA are the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine and Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. To apply for the USA university you have to first clear MCAT EXAM.


With a great European education system and an advanced course on MBBS. You will get a quality education as this nation has many renowned institutions in the world. Universities like the University of M√ľnster, the University of Bonn and the University of Freiburg provide good education, well-earned degree, and the main thing is that they help foreign students for getting a part-time job whosever require job for the repayment of the loan.

These are world-class education provider countries that mainly focus on creating good doctors and in the end we should realize that it is the work of a person that makes him a good doctor and a good person.


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