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Are you one of those people who got bitten by an ecommerce bug? If yes, we are sure that you came across so much information about ecommerce website development for your startup business. You probably have liked the few features of specific ecommerce platforms over the others. The selection of the platform solely depends on your expectation from the platform and if the options that you are counting on justify their value.  

However, you will find that the standard ecommerce features are familiar at all of these platforms. That’s why you need to be very precise when comparing the ecommerce platforms. Here, we are listing the factors to be considered for comparing platforms for ecommerce website development


Before analysing the platforms, it is essential to make a list of features that you want for your ecommerce store. If you don’t know much, you can check a few marketplaces, and you will get a basic idea of all those features. Based on your research, you must create a feature list of your own. This will help you in finding the right platform that you will employ for building your business. Don’t think from the perspective of today; you need to be a bit futuristic here. Add some advanced features that you will need with the time and check whether such features are available in the advanced plans or not. 


Multi-store management: 


For those businesses planning to manage the distributed agencies of different brands at the same time, multi-store management is the feature of enormous importance. Leveraging this feature, you can manage multiple stores via a single dashboard. To access them, you can surely have different user credentials, but backend management can turn more accessible for you. 


Multi-Vendor management: 


Multi-vendor ecommerce stores are beneficial for businesses dealing with multiple brands at the same time. If you are a manufacturer, you may not crave this feature, but it’s likely valuable for businesses selling the products in collaboration with other brands. The dropshipping business is in trend these days. The multi-vendor dashboard can ease the conduction of dropshipping business. Thus, streamlines the business with multiple vendors at the same time. 


Mobile commerce: 


Gone are the days when individuals absorbed with surfing the products by opening their desktops and looking for the products they wanted to buy. When you are commuting between the places, you often find people scrolling social media feeds or ecommerce apps and adding a lot of products in their cart. The shopping lovers as well as not so shopping brains, all of them engaged on one of the search platforms and looking for the products of their interest. This change in the search pattern of the users is the primary reason behind the inclination of users towards mobile phones. That’s why the ecommerce businesses need to offer the mobile presence to the brands other than the mobile-friendly sites. 


Payment modes: 


When customers are buying the products online, the payment is often made online. This is a common misconception because several people don’t trust digital payment gateways. That’s why it is better to enable online, offline as well as bank payment options at your store. While comparing the ecommerce platforms, you must check for the payment modes and payment gateways enabled by the platform. Also, check whether the payment gateway owes compliance with the PCI standards and other security fixes. 




When you are building a store from scratch or getting it developed from the professionals, you will need assistance for the management of your ecommerce business. Though professionals will brief you with the support modes help you from time to time. But, the support that an ecommerce platform is offering is equally important for you. If the ecommerce platform has a community, check its reach before choosing the platform. 

After considering all these things, it’s needless to say that, compare the price of different pricing plans. If you are still feeling confused about them, you can read detailed review blogs for your reference, or you can consult with professionals. At WeDoWebApps, we help ecommerce enthusiasts set up their store from basic to advanced functionalities. We have the experts that can set up your store at Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Volusion, NopCommerce. Our ecommerce developers can build a store from scratch with Magento. We can help you with adding all the required features of your choice. To discuss more ecommerce website development, you can write to us at

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