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extra money in malaysia

There are several ways to make extra money in Malaysia and there are plenty of negative income gigs available online.

But some may be time-consuming and might replace fulltime jobs entirely.

Having said that, for those who have already have a job, here are some negative income gigs to earn more money in Malaysia.

1#. Start a blog

One of my personal favorites as far as additional income goes is starting a blog.

It is not necessarily the simplest way to make money, however, it’s a long term gain.

Anyone can start a blog but many people can’t make it triumph or even make money from it.

Even I took a very long time before I started seeing some income out of this blog. Do not quit your job merely to blog as it is risky.

Many individuals don’t make a fulltime income from blogging however you ought to be in a position to make a side income per year if you’re determined.

Advantages of launching a blog:

  • You have full control over your website (provided you are self-hosted). Unlike having an account on Instagram or alternative platforms, your blog can’t be deleted if you are self-hosted. Your account on Facebook and Instagram can always be deleted by the business and you have no control over it.
  • There’s a potential of earning over your present full-time job though it’s difficult.
  • You can work from anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection. A brick & mortar business would cost a fortune.
  • You can make money for many years to come (unless your world wide web dramatically changes in the future).

Disadvantages of beginning a blog:

  • Not everybody can succeed in earning money. Here is the biggest problem I believe. Additionally, most people today give up early or don’t know how to do this nicely.
  • Plenty of competition online. You might be competing with people globally unless you’re simply targeting a small market.
  • It requires a lot of effort and time to create and keep a blog (for example posting posts and promoting them).

Blogging is a long-term means of earning money, but it is also my favorite method as it has more potential than some one-off gigs.

Here is a guide on how best to begin a blog today.

2#. Get cryptocurrency from various sources

Since cryptocurrency is usually so explosive, your earnings can skyrocket or shed a lot. It goes both ways.

Several new platforms derive from blockchain that permits you to make their tokens.

Some brand new cryptocurrencies in the market even have airdrops or bounties (where they give out tokens) only for publicity.

Here are some ways to earn cryptocurrency from Malaysia:

  • It’s a blogging site like which lets you make Steem and also Steem Dollars. These coins could be traded with additional cryptocurrency or for fiat money (e.g. Ringgit). There’s so much to learn about Steemit as well as also the Steem blockchain. This report can help you. It is also the easiest way to make some side income in Malaysia. Even the Steem blockchain also includes lots of other 3rd party programs where you can make Steam, for example, DLive and DTube.
  • Join airdrops. There are loads of airdrops each time new tokens appear in the market. You will not know if they will be worth a great deal in the future.
  • com. It’s a brand new method to earn Bitcoin by responding to emails. People pay for your focus to see the email, but most of the time you’ll only get emails on new cryptocurrency.
  • Mine Bitcoin along with another cryptocurrency. If you do not have mining rigs at the moment, it is not a good method since the cost is quite high. You may not be able to recoup the price anytime soon.
  • There are of course different ways, however, those are a few of the simpler ways to earn cryptocurrency or a side income in Malaysia.


3#. Be a Grab driver

This one is a no brainer. If you’ve got a relatively new vehicle, you can join the Grab ride-sharing app.

Since Uber has been acquired by Grab in S.E.A, you are probably only left with Catch at the moment.

The benefit of forcing for Grab is that you can operate anytime you need with long hours.

Competition is greater these days, which likely means you get less.

4#. Do freelance work

Freelance is a really wide topic and there so many distinct freelance jobs in Malaysia.

To be clear, I am referring mainly to internet jobs where you can work wherever you’re. Naturally, there are offline jobs like event promoters on weekends.

In terms of internet jobs, you have to compete globally. Do expect a great deal of competition, particularly from 3rd world countries who will get the job done for a low cost.

That is most likely the main issue with internet freelancer work. If you’re new, you need to compete with those who don’t mind working for peanuts.

It takes a very long time to build a portfolio and start commanding a higher cover.

Here are some Kinds of online freelancer function:

  • This job implies that you create subtitles for sound or video files. It is a very arduous undertaking to be truthful.
  • Translation from English into BM / Chinese or other languages and vice versa.
  • Virtual assistant. Some firms or sites require digital assistants. E.g. you will find people working as a Pinterest virtual assistant nowadays, i.e. to create beautiful pins and manage the account.
  • Data entry. This is just about the most elementary job. You merely have to key in data based on what your employer needs. As it is easy, the pay is not that good.
  • Blog/article writing. Some sites will let you write articles but you need to be great at it.
  • For those who are good at coding/programming, this one is for you.
  • Web design.

There are many types of freelance jobs available. Here’s a list of a few freelance websites where you can find jobs.

5#. Make a streamer on various programs

Streaming is rather popular nowadays one of the younger generations. There are various sorts of streamers.

Some want to flow games and most of these streamers use Twitch to achieve that.

But, there’s a new trend of streaming through your cellular program, which is particularly popular in China.

Cases of streaming apps are Bigo, Uplive along with Tamago.

Naturally, it’s not easy to get from streaming as just the very best streamers make the big bucks.

It takes a very long time to receive followers unless you are attractive or particular.

6#. Compare photos online

If you’re a great photographer, you may want to market some of your photographs online.

You can sell stock photographs on certain websites that are recorded here.

It is not easy though. There are so many photographers these days and several upload tons of photos on the web.

Generating a sale with so much market competition is tough, and each sale doesn’t cover much as well.

Previously, stock photos may have been lucrative, but I would not count on it for a fantastic income (especially for amateur photographers).

7#. Be a social media influencer (not for everyone)

Social media networks have been so popular these few years that gave rise to the term’ influencers’.

Those who have a particular number of followers on social media and therefore are deemed popular are called influencers.

As they’ve quite an online presence, they could normally control a price for boosting products, events or places.

Some do so for a living. They accept items that are sponsored and market goods, events or services for some fee.

Their number of followers (and participation) dictates the price they control.

To get e.g. Kim Kardashian may be paid a few hundred million just for one pole on Instagram because she has a ton of followers.

She’s one of the much followed 123netflix lifestyle influencers around Instagram.

That said, it is not easy to be an influencer. Many influencers are extremely good looking or contentious and if you are not, it is going to be hard.

You also must put in a great deal of work to maintain your public image.

Hence, it is not for everybody.

In a nutshell

There are plenty of side gigs from Malaysia or online to make additional money, but maybe not necessarily a full-time income.

The absolute most significant issue is always to act on it. You won’t know whether you’ll be effective if you do not even try.

I used to believe blogging or other online jobs do not pay the invoices, but they do if you’re at least mildly successful.

Never give up before you started.


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