Nowadays, the car headlights have been shelled with sand and dust after so many years of running on highways and streets!!! So, it becomes necessary to re-establish your car headlights for giving a new look to it. The cleaning of headlights is extremely important for the safety of the passengers, especially during night time. While having fully functioning car headlights you can avoid many road-accidents to happen. Meanwhile, when you run the vehicle it starts becomes foggy as well as discolored. Thus, it becomes important either to replace the headlights in every few years or restore the headlights by removing haze and crap in your car headlight lens.

7 Basic Steps which you can Easily Perform at your Home for Getting your Car Headlight in Tip-Top Condition

1: Clean the Headlights

Before proceeding in headlight maintenance. You need to make sure that headlights are clean. You can either wash them during full car wash or can separately clean the headlights. The use of a headlight cleaner is also a suitable option for cleaning the headlights of your car. If you want to restores the clearness of scratched, hazed and dullness headlight lenses. Then you must visit for Headlight restoration in Atlanta and improve the overall appearance of your vehicle.

2: Sanding

Though it is not an essential step but helps you when polishing the car headlights. Somehow if you are using this method, then try to make use of blue painters’ tape. Afterward, spray water to your headlights and keep them wet for some time. Then clean the surface with a microfiber cloth.

3: Compounding

The compounds that can be used for restoring the headlight are rubbing compound and polishing compound. The polishing compound consists of finer consistency and is gentler then compare to rubbing compound. Both the compounds can do the job in headlight restoration. You can choose the one which you find is more suitable or comfortable. All you need to do is put the compound on a microfiber cloth and apply it to the headlight. Although, it can take some few minutes to achieve the desired outcome.

4: Shield your Car Headlight with Tape

When the entire section of car headlight has been cleaned properly. Then apply painters’ tape around the headlight frame. The frames which are made of plastic can get scratched easily. So, it should be remembered to mask the area off before getting started.

5: Rinse and Dry

Before you have completed the removal of debris, then start rinsing the area and dry headlight cover. Once it becomes completely dried try to inspect the area thoroughly. Repeat the process again until the headlight becomes completely clean.

6: Make use of Protective Coating

While minimizing the potential risks of headlight restoration. You should apply the extra layer of coating of car wax or ceramic coating. By making use of these waxes it protects the exposure of UV light or some other contaminants which causes headlight restoration issues.

7: Use Soaps for Cleaning Headlights

The very first basic step for any DIY method is cleaning. For restoring the car headlights, first, begin with washing the complete area with either soap or shampoos. And then rinse with clean water. After that, dry the entire area with the use of a microfiber towel.