What are freight forwarding companies?

For many lucrative businesses, importing and exporting are key constituents. International shipping can provide a company with great business prospects, but can also seem exceptionally hard.

A company specialized in the storage and shipping on behalf of its exporters of goods. It offers a wide range of services, which includes: national transport tracking, the preparation of shipment and export documents, warehousing, and the reservation of freight space, freight concession charges, the link of freight charges, cargo insurances, and insurance claims.

In reality, freight forwarding companies do not transfer a company’s freight. Putting it simply, they just coordinate between a sender on the one hand and multiple transport companies involved in the process of shipment through sea, road, air and rail.

In order to negotiate the best possible price for transporting the goods of shippers along the most economical route, the freight forwarding service uses established relationships between air carriers and carriers and train freight carriers to choose the one that best offers the speed, cost, and reliability of goods.

Cargo forwarders usually provide paper distribution and cargo assortment services for their own lading bills or air waybills called a lading home bill of transport or air waybill and for their agents or associates at their destination outer freight forwarders. Forwarder also named.

List of top freight forwarding companies

Swyft Logistics

Swyft is a third-party logistics company that provides productivity, quality of service and continuous development for all brands that demand a quick flow of goods to their customers. Their emphasis is on creativity, technology and process growth. Their outstanding quality put them on top of other courier and freight forwarding companies in Pakistan.

With excellent management and responsible staff, Swyft Logistic puts up to international standards required by the best delivery service providers all over the world. The service provided by them is well-reviewed by frequent customers who choose Swyft Logistics over other courier companies for their business and personal needs.


United Parcel Service is a multinational US manufacturer of products and supply chain management systems. It also includes loading lines, freight transport activities and retail-based packaging and shipping centers. UPS employs more than 444,000 staff and operates with 240,000 drivers. In 220 countries, UPS provides goods. David P. Abney is the current chairman of the firm. The value of the company is $22 billion.

Union Pacific

Union Pacific is a rail transport service. It operates 8.500 locomotives comprising 43 types, covering approximately 52.000 km of the route. The second-largest in the United States is its network. In 1862, when Union Pacific Rail Road was still renamed, the company began operations. Lance M. Fritz is his current general manager. The value of the brand is 7.8 billion dollars.

Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is a postal service provider in Italy. The company offers various integrated products, such as communications, logistics, and financial services, apart from standard postal services. The company acquired 136 million Euro for UniCredit MedioCredito Centrale in 2011. The sale of shares in the company was approved by the Italian government for 40% in 2016. The current CEO is Matteo Del Fante, and the company’s value is estimated at USD 4.8 billion.


FedEx has its own head office in Memphis, Tennessee, as an international courier company. It offers a complete set of online services for shipment preparations, transportation tracking, shipping controls, and tools for international shippers and small enterprises. The company is estimated at 18.1 billion dollars, according to Company Finance. Frederick W. Smith is currently chairman of the company.


DHL is one of the world’s most renowned logistic brands. The company specializes in international transportation, courier service, traffic, air, marine transport, express packing, and contract logistics. The DHL Corporation was founded in the USA in 1969. It is currently worth $10.7 billion.

McLane Company

McLane is one of the leading suppliers of food supply options for convenience stores, pharmacies and others in the US. It has one of America’s biggest private fleets and offers about 50,000 products to 110,000 locations with 20,000 staff. W. Grady Rosier has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 1995 and now has US$ 4.8 billion worth of the firm.


CN is a Canadian carrier providing integrated services including rail, intermodal transport, road transport, freight distribution, storage, and packing. The company employs nearly 24,000 rail carriers and transports to many sectors of the economy worth over $250 billion per year. Both raw and finished goods are delivered by the company. It was estimated to have a value of $4.4 billion.

How do logistics companies in Pakistan work?

Coordinating supply and material movement now constitutes a globalized operation. Currently, logistics is used by the business sector to define the efficient movement and storage of goods from source to consumption. A crucial part of this process is the supply chain. The supply chain and between the points of source and customer, the logistics organization plans, implements and regulates the movement and storage of goods, services or information. Some or all of these functions of the supply chain are handled, according to the logistics requirements of a customer. Transport, distribution, receipt, storage, and management of all or one of these functions may include an effective supply chain. Logistics can also apply within the business sector for information, transport, inventory, storage, handling, packaging, disposal and security.

How is Swyft Logistics better at freight forwarding?

Swyft is trying to reinvent logistics in Pakistan through real-time monitoring and digital payments, which minimizes transaction delays and guarantees hours and days of delivery. Swyft is the first automated and data-driven service in the country to deliver the last miles. The agility to offer customers and suppliers no delay is what Swyft Logistics is best at. With easy accessibility through internet transactions, Swyft Logistics makes it easier for customers to send and receive packages by staying in the comfort of their homes.

In 2020 Swyft Logistic grows out all over Pakistan, making package delivery easy for everyone at any time and anywhere.