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Everything is going digital and so is interior designing. An entry-level designer must be well aware of more than one CAD tools which would help him in designing. No one prefers hand drawn design as they are out of fashion in time. Employers & interior designer firms prefer who are well aware of various CAD tools.

When compared to traditional methods of hand drawing and renderings, software tools of designing is way easier & yields better results. The output is much better with the use of these softwares.

Here we present to you a list of top 5 interior design software tools used by the interior designer:

1. Sketch Up

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Initially known as Google Sketch Up, when it was under Google from 2006-2012, this one is one of the most basic interior designing software available with popular 3D modeling computer program. Quite popular for being easy to learn & use, this software has two versions, Sketch Up Make & Sketch Up Pro. However, with the cons, SketchUp faces problems in modelling complex surfaces & visualizing complex 3D models with Sketch Up.

2. Autodesk 3D Max

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Autodesk is another popular one when it comes to easy learning & using softwares for interior designing. This software is used by both interior designing students as well as professionals designers. This software is pretty easy to begin with though it comes with several other functionalities. It also supports many third party applications. For making 3D Max for user-friendly, several study materials & tutorial videos are available on the internet.

3. Autodesk AutoCad

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Autodesk AutoCad is a bit more of a complex software. Even after it’s complexity, it is a popular software among all interior designers. AutoCad is used in almost all architectural and interior design firms, which makes it a must learn software tool for all interior designers. It is popularly known for its hyper realistic details and high productivity tools, AutoCad was once Autodesk’s most popular product. AutoCad comes with excellent tools for 3D animation & visualization of interiors to realize hyper realistic and detailed visions of the proposed design plan.

4. Autodesk Revit

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Autodesk Revit is another Autodesk product, this product unlike the above mentioned is strictly for interior designers & architects. It’s a highly technical software & is a building design & construction software. To be a successful interior designer one has to pro at both creativity & technical software.

5. Infurnia

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One of the most feature rich & in-depth online interior design software is Infuria. This software is world’s first cloud-based interior design software. It is built specifically for professional designers. Designers with Infurnia can create multi-story floor plans in 2D as well as 3D. Designers will produce elaborate room style by customizing cabinets’ size, finish, etc. Infurnia has catalog management features, that provides designers with an easy-to-use and systematic way in which they can upload their own furniture models, hardware models, finishes, etc. Infurnia also provides us with different kinds of rendering like 3D image renders, panoramic renders, and VR renders.

Besides the above mentioned top interior designing software, we make a few more notable mentions which are quite popularly used by interior designers all over the world. A relatable example will be De Panache | Interior Designers in Bangalore, De Panache is a bangalore based interior designing company that uses 3d rendering software to give a look and feel how will your house look like after full renovation and redesigning.

  • Photoshop
  • Archicad
  • Ikea Home Planner
  • Sweet Home

6. Room Planner LE Home design App

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This app is available for both android phones and iOS devices. What this app does is to let designers develop some rough sketches in 2D. These can then be translated to 3D. You are free to try and experiment with the broader vision of space in mind and later equip your rough draft with furniture and accessories and also by changing colors. What makes this even better is that whatever you do can easily be shared using facebook and this allows you to send your proposals to the client almost immediately rather than waiting for any type of rendering. 

7. Adobe Capture CC

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How awesome would it be if we get the power to create super amazing stories with photos. Adobe Capture CC can help you create picture perfect designs with the photos you capture and turn them into an entire new world of inspiration. Whether you are an architect or an interior designer, you are going to be benefitted by this app. It allows you to take out the color palette of any image which you can then share with a client. Imagine you are on the go and have just come across a design and wish to share something related to it. Just capture and edit using adobe capture CC and share it across. 


Design is a very subjection and a creative calling that not many can affirm to. With the advent of technology we have access to tools and apps that have made lives much easier compared to earlier days. Today with a snap, you can click to capture and share almost anything with anybody across the world. 


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